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    For those who are not aware, McGee is a renowned coach who has guided great runners like Mark Plaatjes, Josiah Thugwane, and Colleen De Reuck (his coaching method/philosophy is the basis for all that husband/coach Darren has her as well as his other athletes do in training.) This is likely a tad watered down to appeal to a broad audience, and targets Bolder Boulder, but might still contain some worthwhile takeaway . . .

    sandrock.gifCliff Bosley and his staff at the Bolder Boulder don’t just want you to run their annual Memorial Day race — they want you to run it well. That’s why the race set up a speaker series this year, a series that continues tonight with coach Bobby McGee. He will speak on “Efficient Running” from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Bolder Boulder store, 3054 28th St. (just north of Valmont on the east side of 28th). The cost is $5.

    In his talk, McGee promises to reveal the “secrets of running form” and how improving your form can help you to run your best at the Bolder Boulder, a 10K he calls the “greatest altitude race in the world.”

    McGee has coached Olympic gold medalists and now has several world-class triathletes in his stable. However, he said he gets as much satisfaction from the “regular” people he coaches in his “Magical Running” group as from his world-class athletes.

    “I admire immensely the courage these runners have, that they are running to be self-actualizers,” said McGee. “I love it when they come to the track toned, tanned and fit. I see their self-worth improve and that is more gratifying than an Olympic-caliber performance.”

    Many runners know that getting to that magical toned and fit level involves having a good cardiovascular system that can powerfully deliver oxygen to fuel their muscles. However, said McGee, “What most people forget is that the chassis and the application of running power through the feet onto the road is as important as the motor.”

    That is what McGee will be speaking about tonight. He said he will tell runners how to “decipher their form, what to look for and how to improve. Faster running, with less effort for longer, and without injury — these are the rewards of improved running technique.”

    McGee has the following training tips for those of you wanting to race your best at the Bolder Boulder:

    Do specific workouts at race pace. One workout McGee recommends is running longer repeats at your race pace or a bit faster. For example, he said, if you want to run 50 minutes at Bolder, run three repeats of 12 minutes at that effort, which comes out to 8-minute per mile pace. Take a good recovery between repeats.

    Train on courses that simulate the Bolder Boulder.

    Lose a little excess weight.

    Mentally prepare each day by “visualizing success” at the Bolder Boulder.

    Added McGee: “To stay in the sport and keep improving, it is key that you learn about yourself in running and set challenging and achievable goals. Be a realist and a dreamer!”

    Information on “Magical Running” can be found at For a list of the remaining speakers in the Bolder Boulder series, check out or

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    Doing a lot of the little things add up. If a person pays attention to detail and doesn’t let protocol slip in the last 3 weeks before a marathon, one can find even 5 minutes below 3 hours.

    Running a marathon is all about figuring out how to do it properly in training. Each run has a specific purpose to the overall picture. Runs that simulate pace, mock course/conditions, practice drinking/fueling, and cover the time on feet are paramount. I learned this from Pski the first time around for a serious marathon and it was crucial.

    All the runs in between are for “thinking” how you will execute.

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