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    What do you think of running with a headlamp during winter when at the times I will be able to run it will be dark ?

    I can only run before breakfast or after work, lunch break is too short.

    I recently moved from a rural area to a crowded city. When I was before there was plenty of space traffic free and with reasonable surface and illumination. But here I am already worrying of running in the winter, both mornings and evenings it will be dark. Running off road will be traffic free, but darker, and I guess the perhaps the surface will make it dangerous. neven surface will make it dangerous.vRunning on roads or pavements will be ugly because of traffic.

    I am thinking about running with a headlamp. But I doubt I will be able to get one that is powerful, light, and stable enough …

    Only once I saw a guy running with a headlamp, but I’ve been wondering for long how it would be…

    Maybe I should just give it a go to check and let you all know my impression …

    Of course one option would be a treadmil, but I find it awful and expensive, and the mill would have to be at home with 20C, far too hot and sweaty.

    Any comment welcome, thanks a lot.

    Run well


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    You might check with some ultrarunning forums. It would make sense that they would have experience with this since some ultra races last 24 hours or more on trails. There are some ultrarunners that post here too.

    Good luck

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    Good suggestion, thanks.


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    Out here in Colorado multiple ultra’s require headlamps or you get DQed. All types exist and you would be suprised how well they work. Although I have a newer LCD lamp I prefer my older one that is powered by 2 c size batteries (battery pack hooks on waist band or can be carried ala hydration bottle) because it is bright enough approaching cars flash me the “high beams” warning and has several hours duration. Found my through the Road Runner Sports Catalogue

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    I got a head light last year for winter. I went with the lightest weight LED light I could find. It took me a few runs to get used to the bouncing light. The batteries didn’t last long in the cold, but I could use the lowest setting and I could see fine. I live in town so I didn’t need a real powerful light. I believe my has 2 AA batteries and a single LED, but I have seen some new lights that are much smaller using watch batteries.


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