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    I've seen a few of these pop up on my Facebook feed. Do they have a place in the future of running? If they encourage people to get off the couch, I hope so. With these and mud runs/warrior dashes, maybe we can get some people active who otherwise wouldn't be. That said, I sure hope there will always be a place for traditional racing.

    I believe the sport is big enough to support all types of runners and all types of events. Hopefully, these events will not prove me wrong.

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    Andrew A.

    FWIW, I know a local race director who put on the first local edition of the Color Run 5K last year and found it to be such a headache (high deposit, lack of volunteers, extensive cleanup) that she would not put on the race again.  Things like this and the Warrior/Mud runs are likely flashes-in-the-pan, I would not be surprised if they failed to continue to exist in a decade or two, after almost all of the 'hey, I want to try that once' crowd has done it and the novelty has worn off.

    When I saw the thread's title, I figured it might be about a recent RT article on heat affecting race cancellations, which is quite interesting and makes me glad to be into half-marathons only slightly more than marathons interest me.  8)

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    Interesting points. The logistical hassle of these events can't be insignificant. How long will they be sustainable if interest fades after the initial excitement over something new, especially given how many RDs you can find saying that holding a traditional road race isn't worth the hassle? I guess I could see it going either way.

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    Andrew A.

    In case you have not seen it yet, the RT “debate”:
    I side with Beverly, of course.  I must recognize that, despite RT's noted editorial cant, there must be a vested interest in the angle that Chase mentions: bringing more people 'from the couch to running' with mud runs and their ilk allegedly serving as a gateway.  Growing the sport benefits sponsors and thus benefits lifestyle periodicals.  That seems like the only reason the counterpoint from Chase — who seemingly represents anything but the traditional in running — would be included.

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    Fads come and go but the desire to push one's body and potential to the very limit for competition is as old as mankind.  Children naturally race and wrestle in all cultures and throughout all of history.  Not everyone has the heart of an athlete but those who do span all levels of sport.  I believe that there is enough of those that there will always be races.   

    I see a lot of people post on FB their intentions to participate in these type of things and then those who do post lots of pictures.  None of these people become runners.  They all want the rewards of being a runner but none of them really want to run.  These events give them an entertaining shortcut to give them the reward of finishing a race and being able to get a FB pat on the back for being a runner.  Of course I do admit that there is nothing wrong people doing this sort of thing for fun.  I like to do things just for fun. Just don't expect me to think that you really accomplished any great fitness goal.   

    I really think that anyone that happens to start running while training for one of these things most likely would have anyway. 

    ….says the woman in a Halloween Costume in a race where no one else is dressed up…..guess I need to go to Japan.  They race fast and enjoy over the top spectacle.

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