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    When Danny Kassap stayed on in Canada after the Francophone Games in 2001, he did so to avoid the conflagration in his native Congo. Initially he lived in Covenant House for the homeless and joined the University of Toronto track club. According to a report by the Globe and Mail’s Marina Jiménez, Kassap runs more than 240 kilometers per week, has won three marathons in the past two years, shuns alcohol, and lives on a diet consisting mainly of fufu, a cornmeal similar to Kenyan ugali. “I like to feel pain when I am training because that means in the race, it will be easy,” he told Jiménez. “Pain is my favorite part.” More pain came when Kassap was recently rejected a second time for Canadian citizenship. The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, during a moratorium on removals to Congo due to an ongoing civil war in the African country, has stated that “humanitarian treatment should not be granted according to sports ability.” …Kassap, who won the ScotiaBank Toronto Marathon in an Olympic qualifying 2:14, hopes to represent Canada as an Olympian, but meanwhile can only hope while continuing a part-time job at a fish-and-chips restaurant. “I already feel like a Canadian,” he smiled to Jiménez.

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