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    Last year’s first and second place finishers look to challenge world


    Evans Rutto signs 2-year agreement to compete in Chicago

    CHICAGO (April 6, 2004)?Evans Rutto performed in last year’s LaSalle


    Chicago Marathon as if he was ready to claim the streets of Chicago from

    veteran marathoner Khalid Khannouchi. Rutto will look to improve on his

    world record marathon debut time of 2:05:50 in the 2004 LaSalle Bank

    Chicago Marathon.

    Rutto and race officials reached agreement that will bring the 25-year-old

    Kenyan back to run the streets of Chicago and to chase the marathon


    record at the 2004 and 2005 Chicago marathons. Rutto experienced such

    strong support and encouragement from the spectators that lined the

    26.2-mile course that he is eager to defend his title.

    “Last year I was overwhelmed by the support of the people of Chicago and

    very much enjoyed the beautiful city and the fast course,” said Rutto.

    “All of these things encourage me to be at the starting line again this

    year and I am more than happy to return to Chicago to defend my title.

    Having achieved great results last year in my debut marathon has


    me to work hard to keep this tradition alive.”

    Rutto was an underdog coming into last year’s marathon. His longest

    distance prior to his debut was the half-marathon. But Executive Race

    Director Carey Pinkowski, who has a long track-record for discovering


    developing athletes, saw amazing potential in Rutto and convinced him to

    make his marathon debut in the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon last year.

    “Evans’ victory in the 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon follows in the

    tradition of other great Chicago Champions, Steve Jones, Ondoro Osoro,


    Khalid Khannouchi, commented Pinkowski. “These athletes converted great

    track credentials and pure athletic ability into world leading


    in the marathon. Evans just scratched the surface of the marathon in


    Pinkowski feels Rutto could challenge the world record, especially with


    new design of the 26.2-mile route. “He ran well within himself,

    defeated a

    strong field, and made the marathon distance look easy last year. I

    believe he could have gone a minute faster if he needed too. His 2:05:50

    effort illustrates that the redesigned LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon


    is designed to host a world record attempt on October 10 this year.”

    Rutto ran the eight fastest 10,000m in the world in June, 2000 (27:31:32),

    setting a personal record. He continued his outstanding performance at


    2001 Peoples Beach to Beacon 10K where he surged ahead of the lead group

    near the finish to win in 28:30, ahead of James Koskei (28:32) and

    defending champion Joseph Kimani (28:35). Rutto also won the 2001 Wharf


    Wharf 6 mile and finished second in the Clarksburg 10K. He took third in

    the 2001 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile (46:26) and the Lisbon Half-Marathon

    (1:01:30). He also has run well in 2003.

    Also returning to compete in the 2004 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon is

    second-place finisher and fellow Kenyan Paul Koech. Koech, 34, who also

    made his marathon debut at last year’s race finished just over a minute

    behind Rutto with a 2:07:07 performance, Koech has had a successful


    and he will look to improve on his debut time in this year’s race.

    Early in Paul Koech’s career, he won a bronze medal at the 1995 All-African

    Games 10,000m. His career continued to excel, and in 1997, he set a

    personal best in the 3000m at the IAAF Grand Prix in Monaco and a


    best in the 10,000m at the IASF Grand Prix in Brussels. He went on to


    the Dam to Dam 10 miles in 44:45. In 1998, he won the World Half-Marathon

    in 1:00:01, achieving a personal best for 13.1 miles. Koech’s


    record continues. He took first in the 2002 Kenyan Armed Forces 12K


    Country Championships. He finished third at the 2002 Crescent City 10K


    won the Military Cross Country Championships in Rwanda. This past July,

    Koech finished fourth at the Utica Boilermaker 15K and second at the

    Falmouth 7.1-miler.

    “Paul is another very talented athlete who has potential to be one of


    in the business. As fellow Kenyan’s, Paul and Evans have a friendly

    rivalry that will certainly make this year’s LaSalle Bank Chicago


    very exciting. Since Evans and Paul both now have marathon experience,


    look for even stronger performances from both of them at this year’s


    added Pinkowski.

    The 2004 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

    The 2004 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon takes place Sunday, October 10

    starting and finishing in Chicago’s Grant Park. The race will be


    live on CBS 2 CHICAGO and ESPN 1000. Last year’s race attracted the

    maximum 40,000 participants.

    Runners may register online at until September 2,

    2004, or when the participation capacity has been reached (whichever


    first). Race weekend entries will not be accepted. Printed entry forms

    for mail-in registration will be available in the spring of this year.

    The entrance fee for the Marathon is $80 for U.S. runners and $90 for

    international runners; the registration fee for the International Fun


    5K, held during race weekend, is $15 for both U.S. and international

    participants. Senior citizens, ages 60 and older, receive a $5 discount.

    In addition, a $5 discount will be offered to participants who register

    using their MasterCard credit card or pre-paid card.

    Runners interested in securing Competitive or Preferred Starting


    must have completed a marathon or half-marathon since January 1, 2002 in


    time faster than 3:15:00 for a Competitive Start (marathon qualifying


    and 3:45:00 (marathon qualifying time) for a Preferred Start. A

    half-marathon time of 1:30:00 is needed for a Competitive Start and a

    half-marathon time of 1:45:00 is needed for a Preferred Start. Proof of

    qualifying times must be submitted to The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

    office. Instructions will be provided to online entrants. Competitive


    Preferred Starting Positions are limited and not guaranteed.

    Evans Rutto



    2003 3rd N/A Steamboat 4 Mile

    2003 3rd 28:38 Peachtree 10K

    2003 2nd 43:24 Boilermaker 15K

    2002 2nd N/A Fairfield Half-Marathon

    2002 1st N/A Wharf to Wharf 6 Mile

    2002 3rd 28:19 Beach to Beacon 10K

    2001 2nd N/A San Sebastian Cross Country

    2001 1st N/A Maliano Cross Country

    2001 3rd 1:01:30 Lisbon Half-Marathon

    2001 3rd 46:26 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

    2001 2nd N/A Vancouver Sun Rock 10K

    2001 2nd 28:31 Greater Clarksburg 10K

    2001 1st 27:16 Wharf to Wharf 6 Mile

    2001 1st 28:30 Beach to Beacon 10K, Cape Elizabeth

    2000 2nd N/A Elgoibar Cross Country

    2000 3rd N/A San Sebastian Cross Country

    2000 3rd 7:36:38 IAAF Grand Prix, Athens 3000m

    2000 2nd 13:02:71 Nurnberg 5000m

    2000 3rd 27:21:32 Lille 10,000m

    2000 1st 13:34 CVS Downtown 5K

    2000 2nd 28:36 US 10K Classic

    2000 1st N/A Le Figaro Cross Country

    2000 1st N/A Alcobendas Cross Country

    2000 1st N/A Canillejas 10K

    2000 1st N/A Cross International de Sud Ouest

    2000 1st N/A Cross du Figaro 10K

    2000 1st N/A Alcobendas Cross Country

    1999 1st 28:38 Giro Mediablenio Acquarossa 10K

    1999 3rd N/A Cross de L’Acier, Dunkerque

    1999 2nd 28:06:60 Zatopek Meeting 10,000m

    Paul Koech



    2003 2nd 61:57 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon

    2003 2nd 32:11 Falmouth 7.1-Miler

    2003 4th 28:10 Beach to Beacon 10K

    2003 3rd 43:31 Boilermaker 15K

    2003 2nd 28:29 Peachtree 10K

    2003 2nd 34:17 Lilac Bloomsday

    2003 2nd 28:22 Cleveland 10K

    2003 1st N/A Vancouver Sun Run 10K

    2003 5th N/A World Cross Country Championships 12K

    2003 2nd N/A Kenyan Cross Country Championships 12K

    2002 1st N/A Military Cross Country Championships, Rwanda

    2002 3rd 27:59 Crescent City Classic 10K

    2002 1st N/A Kenyan Armed Forces 12k Cross Country

    2000 1st N/A Kenyan Armed Forces Cross Country

    1999 4th 13:07:93 IAAF Grand Prix II St Denis 5000m

    1999 1st 27:42 10K Parelloop Brunssum

    1998 1st 60:01 World Half-Marathon

    1998 1st N/A Kenyan Armed Forces 1000m

    1997 1st 44:45 Dam to Dam 10 Miles

    1997 2nd 12:56:59 IAAF Grand Prix, Berlin 5000m

    1997 2nd 26:36.26 IAAF Grand Prix, Brussels 10,000m

    1997 2nd 13:00:13 IAAF Grand Prix, Stockholm 5000m

    1997 1st 28:03:02 Kenyan Armed Forces 10,000m

    1997 1st 27:57 Cooper River 10K

    1996 3rd 13:00:67 IAAF Grand Prix Final 5000m

    1996 3rd 26:56:78 IAAF Grand Prix, Brussels 10,000m

    1996 6th 13:00:22 IAAF Grand Prix, Zurich 5000m

    1996 6th 27:35:19 Olympic Games

    1996 1st 60:31 L’Humarathon International Half-Marathon

    1996 2nd 28:21:55 Kenyan Armed Forces Championships 10,000m

    1995 3rd N/A All African Games 10,000m

    1995 1st 46:36 Erewash Classic 10 Miles

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