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    on Chad Johnson’s marathon debut this weekend?

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    Actually, it’s not his debut. He ran NYCM I believe last year. Was on pace for around 2:12 through the half, then fell apart and ended up running 2:25 if I remember.

    I’ve learned not to predict results, especially with Chad. If he’s on, he’ll pop a big one. If he’s off, he has a tendency to really fall apart. Now that’s he’s out of Oregon and back to Minnesota, I’m hoping his running can pick up where he left off when he left Michigan after really seeming to stagnate in Oregon. If so, I don’t think 2:10-2:12 is out of the realm of possibility, of course with the right conditions and all the usual qualifiers. Of course, with someone like him, 2:30 is also within the realm of possibility.

    I haven’t seen or talked with Chad for quite some time, though. You probably know as much or more than me about what kind of shape he’s in so I’m just talking about what I believe he should be capable of if his training has gone well and assuming he wouldn’t do a marathon if his training hasn’t been going well.

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    I saw a website that was claiming this would be him marathon debut, but now that you mention it, I do remember him running NYCM.

    Actually, I haven’t heard much from him around here since he won the TC 10 mile. I’ll have to check out the Team USA Minnesota site and see what they have to say. Probably not too much, since it’s the middle of winter.

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    For anyone who might have been reading this and wondering how Chad fared, he finished 5th in 2:16:57. Times overall seemed to be pretty slow, I don’t know if there were issues with the conditions or what the deal was. The winner was nearly 4 minutes slower than last year’s winner after they changed the course to make it faster.

    1, Terefe Yae, Ethiopia, 2:14:24

    2, Haron Toroitich, Kenya, 2:15:40

    3, Belay Wolasha, Ethiopia, 2:16:23

    4, Philip Taras, Kenya, 2:16:36.

    5, Chad Johnson, United Statess, 2:16:57

    6, Sergey Emelyanov, Russia, 2:17:44

    7, Stephen Muturi, Kenya, 2:19:43

    8, Asnake Ferkadu, Ethiopia, 2:23:55

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