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    I hope that none of your favorite running areas got burned up in those wildfires 🙁 How bad were they anyway?

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    I actually didn’t even hear about this until I did a search. I’m assuming you’re talking about the below story. Honestly, I remember hearing some sirens Wednesday but I occasionally hear sirens so I didn’t even think anything of it. I run in Minooka Park, not Fox River Park. Sometimes I go to Fox River Park but it is on the other side of Waukesha and is hard to get to on weekdays because of traffic. I guess to answer your question, they were so bad that I didn’t even hear about them. 😕


    High winds caused a grass fire to burn out of control for a time Wednesday in Fox River Park, and the resulting smoke forced officials to close part of Highway 59, said Fire Chief Dan Buchholtz.

    The flames originated near River Ridge Court and Fox Valley Drive at 3 p.m. and spread quickly northeast in the marshy area around the river, Buchholtz said.

    Fox River Park is part of the county’s park system on both sides of the Fox River south of Waukesha. About 40 acres burned in the 262-acre park and nearby wildlife sanctuary before multiple fire departments got the fire under control at 6 p.m.

    No one was injured, and the cause of the fire was not immediately determined.

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