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    Thanks for coaxing me into downloading it. I’ll give it a shot soon now that I have downloaded it. As I’m sure you know, my primary browser is Firefox but I’ve also downloaded Opera and like it, just not as much as Firefox (but still better than IE). Along with DE, I’ve also been meaning to give a couple of others a try.[/url]

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    OK, now that I gave it more of a trial run, I have to say that it has potential but there are some “little quirks” that leave me not willing to touch it at the moment. For one thing, if I scrolled the wrong way, I lost the menu on the left side of the screen on this site. For another thing, I was just giving it a trial run now and I couldn’t manage to exit it from the task bar. It kept popping up the message that it was just minimized to the task bar but I couldn’t right click and exit it.

    For now, I’ll stick with Firefox and use Opera as my back-up plan and IE when forced to do so. I’ll consider DE again after it matures a little more. I will be sure to test the site with it, though, just to make sure it is reasonably compatible.

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