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      I see you are from Waukesha, WI. I live in Pennsylvania, but I started running in nearby Brookfield. I was visiting some friends there with my family. I tagged along with my friends Andrea and Angela for a two mile run and loved it. I have been running for 2 years now. Maybe you have heard of Chris Reed, he is my friends’ older brother and was the wisconsin state cross country champ in high school. anyway, I just thought it was cool that you live in the area. Congrats on your engagement and I will look forward to posting in this forum in the future!

      -Rick Hoover

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      Rick, welcome to the forums. I hope you find that you like it here.

      Yes, I’m in Waukesha. Actually, a fair number of the forum participants here are from the Milwaukee area. I do know Chris Reed, although I don’t know if he knows me. Very good runner.

      Next time you’re in the area, drop me a line.

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