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    Was unable to get my run in yesterday because my wife hit me with a surprise “appointment” immediately uppon my arrival at home that also turned into a shopping trip. She got home at 7:30 PM then we had to get the (stubborn) children to bed which took until 9:00 PM. No run. So my butt has been kicked yesterday by all. Kudos to everyone. Will do 10 today if it kills me.

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    Just had to get out the door at 5:15 AM.

    Seriously, early AM running works the best for me. I can count on 1 hand the # of runs I have done in the last year that started after the sun came up. Less traffic too, although I was almost hit by two drivers that failed to yield at intersections when I was crossing, in the crosswalks, w/ a green light, EVEN WITH THE WALK SIGN!! Sorry…

    Good luck w/ your workout.

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