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    Well like I figured – got no running in today. Wife was gone for the day and left me with my little son. Plus lots of house cleaning needed and tons of homework – some that needs to be elctronically submitted by noon tomorrow mover the Internet. So, bad little me and a beautiful day for running to boot. Who out there got something in today and what was it?

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    10 miler. I had a great day planned with a trip to the coffee shop, a 10 mile run, greenhouse shopping, yard work, drawing a preliminary duck sketch, three hours of practice on the violin, and a big steak dinner. Couldn’t be a better day, except that I only got the coffee shop, running, and greenhouse in. Still waiting on the steak, and I’m hungry and crabby. Could still practice this evening, I suppose.

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    I got five in, however my time really, really sucked. Honestly, time isn’t of paramount importance right now. This was finals week for me at school and it shows in my mileage. Including a run later today (Sunday), I’ve only gotten out there four times this week and my mileage will almost certainly be sub-20. Thus, I’m looking for something in the 30-ish range for next week.

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    okay it’s Monday but I did have a great run on Saturday…

    the plan was 12 miles at a 10:15 pace… ended up as a 12 at a 10:05 pace even with the two miles that had some nasty hills and the HIGH HUMIDITY…. yikes… totally dripping… but my 12 year old biked the whole way, even the miles warm up (not counted in the pace calc.) and kept passing me my water bottle… good kid…

    total of 13.5 miles… Sunday was another 6 miles, faster, in a drizzle but still feeling good…


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