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      29 days run, 29 runs
      262 miles, 7:29 pace
      Ran three races; two Cross Country 5ks (18:40 and 18:44), and a half marathon (1:22)
      Currently tapering for Twin Cities on Sunday. I'm guessing that my October miles will be less than the last 4-5 months.

      YTD: 244 days run, 257 runs
      1954 miles, 7:33 pace

      Odometer should go over 2000 miles for the year during the marathon on Sunday…

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      compared to last month (84.5) I'm doing really well…

      in September I got in 162 miles (almost double!) all pain free, that's the best part…

      included in these miles is a half marathon for fun (my favorite race which is moving to a new local next year  :- )

      this month I'm planning a road trip with a friend who is in the middle of chemo therapy, neither of our husbands run or gamble… so we're leaving them home and heading to Atlantic City… I'll run the marathon, she'll gamble and we'll have a good time and we won't care if I'm slow or she loses a little bit of money…


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      September started out great in the first 20 days I had ten runs for just about 77 miles -at pretty good paces.  My performance at Al's was pretty good and I was temporarily happy with it. 

      And then  – some kind of chest/lung infection.  Doc said not pnuemonia – it was so tough to breathe.  Dang it all to heck.

      Got back to running today a nice and easy 7 miles.

      Peter – Run well at Twin Cities!

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      i mustered 185 miles for the month including two 20 milers and a 8K race [32:04].  the last two weeks of the month i used for tapering down for the lakefront marathon, which will be my 19th.

      YTD – 1602.5
      Odometer – 25,940

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      Averaging 6 miles a day every day is pretty dang good.  You'll have a great marathon. 

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      September was a decent month.  The long runs are feeling easier as the temps get cooler.  Had a few long runs, including a 22.58 mile (3:15:00) run on the last day of the month.

      10 Mile on labor day in 1:00:36

      5 mile tune-up race this Sunday, followed by a half-marathon in Moab Utah 2 weeks later.  Then California Int. Marathon 6 weeks later on Dec. 2.  It should be plenty cool on race day.

      For those with marathon experience I am trying to figure out a goal time for CIM.  This year I have run 35:55 10k and 1:20:56 HM (the first at Bolder Boulder and the second at Steamboat Springs).  Mileage for the year has been in the upper 70's.  Have been doing marathon specific base work since the end of August.

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      With the cooler weather returing I feel my motivation coming back.  I had a good month, building base mostly.  I ran 204 miles, more than I ran in any month since probably March.  Im up to 1565 for the year, check out the details if you like at


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      September and October are months that I dread the most since I coach high school football and have to do all my running in the AM. I'm trying to keep some of my base 40 to 55 mpw with long runs on Sunday. I've done no specific training only running and trying to maintain a pace between 7:15 and 8:00 min on all my runs. My long runs have been 16 and 18 miles.
          Total miles 188 on 21 days of running
          2 races
          1/2 marathon  (1:33:58)
          5k                  (20:03)


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