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    Im looking for some ideas on how best to prep for a 5 mile race at the end of may. Im feeling recovered from my marathon, so Im ready to start doing some quality stuff again. What kind of workouts are best suited for a 5 mile race?

    I should have no trouble getting my mileage back up to a decent level by next week, but I want to add some fast stuff and Im not sure what to add. As always, thanks for any and all advice,


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    Tempo runs and pacework would be a good start.

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    Ed 1

    Strides are very good additions for increasing your leg turnover rate.

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    For a 5 mile race, the most important element of your training is VO2 Max workouts. Look it up for an exact definition. The more you improve this, the longer you will be able to maintain an upper level pace. This is interval work best performed on a track. Run your intervals at the pace of your fastest 5k. The goal is to spend as much time at this threshold as possible so longer intervals are better. 800s, 1200s, 1600s you gt the idea. Aim for between 4000 and 6000 meters of total intervals with half of your split time of walking in between. So if you ran an 800 in 2:30, walk for 1:15 before your next. Remember, this is probably the fastest you will run all week so be absolutely certain that you have stretched and jogged for a mile or two before hitting the track. Good luck training and happy running!

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    Personally, I’d race myself into shape. It can be fun, your motivated and it gets you used to the idea of hammering.

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    Personally, I’d do a mixture of the above suggestions. Once a week tempo runs with strides at the end of the tempo runs, once a week 800-1200 meter repeats at about 5k race pace, then alternate between long runs and races on the weekends.

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    Strides are very good additions for increasing your leg turnover rate.

    Absolutely, and in fact could (should?) be incorporated into every training phase, not just during anaerobic development and sharpening.

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    And slowly build your mileage up from 20-25 mpw, like last fall, to 50 mpw, where I’ve been for the last 6 weeks, and then roll the dice, like I’m doing tomorrow. 😆

    Seriously, a good mileage base with some sharpening workouts like the ones that have been suggested above makes sense. Good luck in any event!

    Sure do like Double’s suggestion though 😉

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