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    I have 200+ miles in my shoes and all of a sudden I have gotten a large blister on the outside of my little toe. What could be the explanation for this?

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    wrinkle in your sock, wet feet, change in running surface(footplant change)

    or… time for new shoes…

    or… just one of those things… this week I got a blister on my left arch, I have NEVER had one there in the 12 years I’ve been running… same shoes, same socks, dry feet… just one of those things…


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    I was actually thinking along the same lines as Rita. With the warmer temps we have had here for the last few days, have your shoes gotten wet? I managed to step in a puddle very early in Saturday’s long run and paid for it with a nice blister by the end of the run.

    Also, as Rita mentioned, sometimes a seemingly unexplainable blister just appears. As long as it’s a one time occurrence, it’s not a big deal. If it repeatedly appears in the same place, then it’s time to dig deeper to find out why.

    Of course, there are all the typical questions of wrinkled socks or pressure between your shoe and your toe in that location but I’m sure you’ve explored all of those.

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    I did think through many of those possibilities – but came up with nothing. I was on the mill so no change in surface – odd plant – or puddle incident. The shoes only have about 220 miles on them – but I’ll check them inside in the area for any possible disconformity issues.

    Another question – the skin at the base of the nail on the big toes keeps tearing ever so slightly and bleeding lightly. How do I protect the area without the possibility of slipping band-aides? Maybe a small gauze wrapped several times?

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    What about pace? You did your first LT workout today, maybe that caused it. Or was it there prior to today?

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    I paid close attention to form during the LT phase – are there other issues from pace that could cause a blister?

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    you said “on the mill”… besides speed were the other 200+ miles ALL on the treadmill… we’ve discussed the difference between running outdoors and running on a treadmill as being REALLY different, as in using different muscles… this could be a case of that…

    speed does make a HUGE difference… I had a gait analysis done once and they said I ran with much better form when I ran fast, their suggestion to minimize injuries (from bad form) was to run faster…oh. okay, good idea, I’ll just do that…

    one more thing, as you get in better condition you may find a slight change in form… resulting in changes in ‘problems’… again anecdotal, the marathon I ran after I started doing minimal upper body work I carried my arms much better and did not have any rubbed spots on my upper arms… so maybe this is a cumulative improvement that has changed your foot plant… great mystery…

    forget the guaze for wrapping toes while you run… I’d go with moleskin (leave it on till it falls off) or Nu-Skin if the area is not an open irritation (smells like rubber cement)…


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    Ed, don’t take this the wrong way but with all due respect suck it up and move on. Blisters should be the least of your concerns. They may be inconvenient for a few days but they’ll toughen up before you know it.

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    The wife hates the blood stains and people at Bally’s look at me weird with a bloody sock. I don’t care as much about that as the change it may make to my form – (overcompensating) and causing some other sort of injury. I was thinking of cutting the skin away and letting it dry out whenever I can, but wrap it in gauze to protect further tearing, bleeding and blistering.

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    For the toenail thing, one possibility is athletic tape. I have used this in the past if I had any issues.

    Pace could definitely do it. Even if your form is identical at different paces (highly unlikely) you are applying higher amounts of force.

    For the short term, I have to say that I agree with Steve. We’ve all had blisters, I’m dealing with a nasty one right now that tore open yesterday but I just get out there and put it out of my mind. I usually don’t even notice it after the first few steps. Still, I understand the desire to try to figure out why it happened so you can prevent it in the future. While blisters are almost always the “suck it up and get out there” type of pain, it sure would be nice to minimize the frequency of getting them.

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    Thanks to all for the info, additional questions and advice.

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    sure… suck it up… but in the mean time TAKE CARE of those feet (can you tell I’m a mom)… when I rode horses the saying went “no foot, no horse”…

    basic foot care… I have found that using paper towels to dry my feet a second time (at the gym after I dried my feet) helped a lot… as I tell my kids CLEAN SOCKS… I also have to watch that they don’t wear ones that already have holes…

    for my runner son I continue to buy him packages of mole skin… I keep telling him to put it on the blisters… lots bigger than the actual blister, he gets them on his arches… he also has sports tape for toe blisters… once he had a favorite pair of shoes that rubbed his second toe and I told him it was okay to cut a hole in the shoe…

    however, if you are finding that the shoe is rubbing on the top of your toes you may need a different shoe… I’ve had problems with the toe box being too small…solved it by changing to a thinner sock when I wear that pair… and this was the SAME style shoe as I’ve been wearing…

    it’s great that you keep asking questions… by the way the reason I said skip the gauze is that it tends to add too much bulk and might make matters worse… tape by itself works, I even leave it on till after I’ve showered so the warm water loosens the glue, or else you end up tearing off more skin than you’ve saved…

    well this topic has been beat to death…


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