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    yikes… they’ve all gone nuts… we have an inch of snow on the ground and it’s still falling… some have already left for the day, hey it’s not even 12:30 yet… but the logic is that since the government is closed tomorrow for the innauguration they might as well leave early… some are planning on taking Friday off and making it a LONG weekend…

    me, I went to lucnh with hubby since I am still nursing a sore back.. he was willing to deliver it to my desk if I felt the slippery sidewalks might cause me any back strain, love that guy… he said that tomorrow when I get my massage I should ask the thearpist if I should stay inside on the treadmill just in case the trails are icy over the weekend… we are expected to get more snow but he’s worried I’ll do more harm than good if I slip…

    but it looked REALLY nice out there, the ground was frozen before it fell so none of that thaw-freeze stuff under the snow… oh well… this is a test to see if I can let my back heal… it would be so nice…


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    I work for the govt., and I’m certainly taking Friday off and making it a long weekend. Of course, I am going out of town to visit family, so at least I have a good reason.

    I always like running in the snow, it’s much better than running in the rain.

    And speaking of leaving early, despite the fact that I only work a few blocks from the Capitol, in the heart of the street closures, we’re not getting out early. Yet people in Pentagon City are. Go figure.

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