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    Hi folks,

    I would appreciate your advise at this point for my major run on Sunday 5 Feb.

    Sat 15 6 x 1K 3.40 3.44 3.47 3.43 3.45 3.50

    Sun 16 1 hour 10 mins trail run

    Mon 30 mins

    Tuesday 50 mins

    Wednesday 20 minute tempo run

    Thursday nothing

    Friday 5 x 2K 8.03 8.11 8.12 8.20 8.10

    Saturday 30 mins slow run

    Sunday 1 hour 30 minute long run

    Monday 24th 30 minute relaxed.

    My plan for the next few days is

    Tuesday 25th 10k relaxed run

    Wednesday 6 x 1K in 3.45 – 3.50

    Thursday 30 mins

    Friday 60 minutes

    Saturday Rest

    Sunday I plan a 7K race to get the race pace feeling 1 week before my big race.

    Monday 30 mins

    Tuesday 50 mins

    Wednesday 10 x 400 metres 86 secs

    Thursday 30 minutes

    Friday and Saturday short jogs


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    Ed 1

    Many of the seasoned vets will want some background info on you like how long you have been running, how many races you have done with the results, how good is your base at this point etc… Provide that info and you are likely to get some good responses.

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    Like Ed stated, it’s hard to say anything without knowing what your past 6 months or more look like. On the face of things, I’d say I have no clue about your training plan because your training for this race is over. Now, it’s taper time.

    As for comments about your taper, I still can’t offer much because I have no idea what you’re tapering from. In the final 2 weeks, you’re doing a lot of 30-90 minute runs. This works fine if you’ve been running 1-2 hours normally. It doesn’t work quite as well if your typical run previous to this was 30-60 minutes.

    The one thing I would say is, depending on recoveries, those are some big workouts you have planned in the final two weeks. Personally, I usually like to keep my workouts quite light in the final week or two and I like to at least start the workouts at race pace (1:36/400 or 4:00/1k for a 40:00 10k) so I’m getting a feel of what the pace should feel like at the beginning of the race.

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    It’s pretty hard to make any gains in the next 11 days. Hopefully you’ve been doing it longer than 2 weeks. I’m basing my response on the assumption that you have been. Overall, I like what you’re doing. You have some speed, some tempo and some long runs. Have you done any other tempo workouts other than the 1 listed?

    A couple of things that I noticed: Your 1K times seem in-line with your goal. However I don’t like that you ran 3:40 on the first and 3:50 on the last. When you do this workout again, try running them all around 3:45ish. The same thing happened with your 2k workout where your range was 8:03-8:20. Try evening out that range in the future. I like the idea of a race 1-2 weeks prior, especially if you haven’t raced in awhile. I think it reminds you how much more racing hurts than training.

    A couple of suggestions: If you’re like me and nearly every other runner, you’re going to be analyzing tomorrow’s workout and comparing it to the previous 6 x 1k workout you did. Therefore, I like to mix my workouts up a little. Maybe you could try 6-8 x 800 or even move your 400s to tomorrow. Right now you have a 400 workout 4 days before the race. Since it takes about 10 days for you to reap the benefits of a workout, doing this 4 days before your goal race won’t really “help.” I also think 86 seconds for your 400s is rather slow. A 40 minute 10k-type should probably be around 4 seconds faster. Finally, I don’t see any strides in your programs. 2-3 times per week, I like to run 6-8 x ~100 meters strides around 3-5k pace (not an all-out sprint). Again, this might not help for the next 11 days, but it’s something to consider going forward.

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    To follow on from the advise I got Tuesday. I trained on Wednesday. I ran 4 x 1K late at night and didn’t feel good at all. My times were awful 4.00 4.03. I stopped at 4 and went home.

    Last night I did 6 x 400 in 80-81 seconds and then did 4 x 200 in 33 seconds.

    I am sure then that what I had planned isn’t correct so I would appreciate if you could advise what I should do over the next 9 days to be in top shape for the 5th Feb.

    Thanks guys

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    So you tried to do your 1K repeats Wed night, then did the 400s and 200s on Thur night? Glad you bagged the Ks if you were feeling the crap. No sense forcing things. How did the 400s and 200s feel?

    bee wrote:
    Last night I did 6 x 400 in 80-81 seconds and then did 4 x 200 in 33 seconds.

    Those time seem way out of whack. 33 sounds super fast for someone running 80-81 400s and someone wanting to run a 40 minute 10K.

    I would appreciate if you could advise what I should do over the next 9 days to be in top shape for the 5th Feb.

    I’d say just follow the last 9 days you originally outlined. You’re not going to make any gains in that short amount of time. Let us know how the race goes.

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    I agree with Zeke, those repeats seem a bit fast. Ryan provides a good calculator (click on calculator / training paces). Not sure but I think Ryan’s calculations are Daniels based. I think they will give you a pretty good benchmark.

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    I ran the warm up race yesterday and had a good performance. It was a 7K vets race on very fast ground. There were alot of people in the race and finding runners at my own pace was easy. I ran 26min 24 secs for the 7K. Everybody noted that they had PBs for the distance.

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    bee wrote:
    …on very fast ground.

    I’m not sure what that means, but I definitely need to get me some of that.

    Seriously, congrats on the race. I’ve never run a 7K before and have never seen a 7k/10k conversion calculator. But I don’t think you’ll have any problems breaking 40 minutes next weekend. Maybe you should make a second goal, like sub-39.

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    Steve From NJ wrote:
    Not sure but I think Ryan’s calculations are Daniels based.

    Yes, they should at least very closely match the Daniels charts. As usual, I will point out that they should be good starting points but may need to be adjusted a bit to meet personal strengths/weaknesses.

    Zeke wrote:
    I’ve never run a 7K before and have never seen a 7k/10k conversion calculator. But I don’t think you’ll have any problems breaking 40 minutes next weekend.

    Neither do I. A 26:24 7k would be equivalent to a 38:31 10k. Assuming all other factors are equal and you are equally well trained for both distances (not that far fetched to believe since they are pretty close to each other in distance) I would suspect a sub-40 goal should not be all that difficult.

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    Guys I’m grateful for the feedback. I value highly the suggestions you have made. The reference to fast ground was that the surface we were running on was across some soccer pitches. The usual surface for x-country here is long grass, marks from farm animals, rain soaked grass, hills will typically be severe and there will be a high number of laps. We had non of that on Sunday.

    The one thing for sure next Sunday will be the latter!

    I am working the schedule you advised and I will give feedback.

    Thanks again

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    Just an update on my week.

    I took Monday off

    Tuesday was 4 x 300mtr and 3 x 200 metre.

    Wednesday was 40 minutes

    Thursday 30 minutes

    Friday I plan 20 minutes

    Saturday off

    Sunday is the race.

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    Hi folks,

    I know its a liitle late to be getting back and I know its important to provide feedback. I ran my 10K on the 5th Feb. My time was 42 mins 38 seconds. 5.5 minutes faster than the exact same race on the exact same course 12 months ago.

    As I was saying my target was 40 minutes. From my review of the day I was pretty content with the time. The surface was very difficult (for me). I regretted my run the week before as it took alot out of me which I didn’t realise until half way through the race.

    The other major thing was that I ran out of energy on the last lap. By the time I crossed the finish line I was totally weak and needed to sit down for about 5 minutes. Having not experienced this before I was scared.

    At the race the previous week I was on 6 minute miles for the first 2 miles so when I was at the same pace on the race of the 5th I was happy but this was incorrect thinking as 6 minute pace was too fast for me and caused me to slow too much in the middle miles.

    In summary:

    Happy with my performance content with the time and happy with my improvement.

    With the same level of improvement over the next 12 months those guys at the front better watch out.

    Thanks for the advise guys I am sorry I didn’t beak 40 mins but thats for another day.

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    Thanks for the race report. It sounds like it’s very difficult to compare your 7k race to your 10k race – given the course, footing, etc. While you didn’t break 40, you improved 5.5 minutes in 1 year. THAT’S HUGE!!! I don’t think you can ask for anything more than that. Keep working hard and you’ll be sub-40 and lower before you know it.

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    five and a half minutes is huge… while feeling that bad after a race is not fun, you can be proud that you gave it everything you had… too bad you had to wait till half way through the race to realize you worked too hard the week before… but that’s great lesson to take away…

    I just wish I was that fast…


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    Ed 1

    Five and a half minutes is very huge – I only improved about 1.5 minutes on my 10K over a years time. (Not that I trained well at all). I have another 10K coming up on April 23rd – I need to talk to my coach about how hard to hit that race being that my goal is the Green Bay marathon 1 month after that.

    Again congrats on the immense improvement.

    thumbs up

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    Not only is a 5:30 improvement huge, it also sounds like you learned some lessons out there on the course that will help you improve even more in future races. Good job and keep up those improvements.

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