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    I got interested in running again about 4.5 years ago. I am actually more motivated and competitive now than I was when I was in college. I’ve noticed a tendency to just throw in the towel whenever something doesn’t go right with my training and start focusing on the next season or next year. With this approach, I’ve never been completely happy with my results.

    This year, I caught myself doing the same thing. This spring, I am training for short races 5K down to 800m. The race that I’d like to do best in is the 1 mile. They are all part of Kansas City Corporate Challenge. In February and March, I had some lapses and missed some workouts. The lapses were basically mental. Fortunately, during the week, I usually cannot just skip a workout because I run to and from work, but I can choose an easier workout and it is easy to skip weekends. After the lapses, I caught myself beginning to look to next year. Instead, I have refocused on my spring races. The first race is this weekend and my goal race is the first or second week of June. This weekend’s race is a four mile race — mostly down hill. This will provide a fair estimate of my current fitness.

    So, how do you stay focused on their upcoming races after lapses or setbacks? In the past, it has been easy for me to just say, well, I wasted this season, I guess I’d better start thinking about next year. My other question, is how do you avoid the lapses in the first place? I see that Ed1 posts weekly reports and gets a lot of good support. I might try that if I could avoid boring everyone.

    In writing this, I think that perhaps the best way to avoid the lapses is to focus on the events that provide me with excuses. The main problem is if I do not get enough sleep. That is something totally within my control.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for any ideas on maintaining focused and avoiding lapses.


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    The first thing that has to be understood is that there is no silver bullet. I think we all have these lapses at times and we all get them for different reasons. Heck, I was battling these lapses on a regular basis for a good part of the beginning of this year and there were several reasons for them. It required multiple “solutions” for me to put all of that behind myself. The best advice that I can offer is to figure out why they are happening and try to deal with that.

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    Try this: make goals – both long-term and intermediate, one leading to the next and make the steps as small (weekly, fortnightly, monthly goals) as you need to – and do not move onto the next goal until you have reached the one immediately in front of you and do not give up until you do reach it. Perhaps even come up with a system to encourage yourself through either reward or restriction, be it eating out, going to see a movie, getting a new CD or DVD, eating/skipping sweets/dessert, whatever will make the difference for you. If you can be disciplined, then you likely can make it work.

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    great topic… I look forward to ALL the ideas, I’ll file them away in my word document that I read when I need motivation…

    this past month after I great marathon I had some serious family issues to deal with, my husband kept asking me (gently) if I had run, was I planning on running and finally told me to let him know WHEN I was going to run again… this past week with most of the big issues resolved I just started back… so I realize that if the issues get big enough I can’t fight them and it’s a waste of energy to try… I’m just glad it was after my race…

    then Sunday morning I was just being lazy and my hubby said he was on his way to the gym and that if I stayed in bed that extra five pounds (from almost a month of not running)would stay right there with me… I jumped out of bed, into my gear and out the door before he got in his car… not that I’m hung up on my weight, but I was appalled at how easily it started increasing when I don’t run… and a few things are fitting just a bit snug, hey, it’s only been a month and I did jog for one week in the middle of it…


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    Rita.. It’s been over a month now. Isn’t it time to change the tagline? What’s next?

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    SwampTiger wrote:
    Rita.. It’s been over a month now. Isn’t it time to change the tagline? What’s next?

    You too? 😛

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    Zeke wrote:

    You too? 😛

    Ha. I guess I expected a response like that from someone. But it hasn’t been a month yet. 🙂

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