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    Evenin’ everyone!

    I have my first track meet of the senior year coming up next week, and I was thinking….I don’t really have a set warm up plan (oher then the team drills and stretches) or a specific way to stay loose between events (I run the mile and 4×400 combo).

    Obviously I warm up, stretch, do some strides, etc. Warming up is not my concern, that’s a no brainer, but staying warm and loose for the relay is.

    I’m not even certain as to how much time there is between the mile and the relay in my league, but I know the 400, 800, 200, maybe even the 4×100 is in there….all events include both girls and boys.

    Soo, my question…..any suggestions for staying loose between events, besides just jogging around a little? Any hydration tips/other advice would be appreciated too!



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    Do a warmdown after the first event and then do a warmup again prior to the final event and sit around out of the sun as much as possible inbetween — trying to stay warm the whole time will just drain much more energy from you than doing it this way. Drink some water or sugary drink (non-carbonated) and avoid the temptation to eat anything, unless the events are separated by three hours or more.

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    Ditto magpie. As long as you get a good cooldown in after your first event and a good warmup in before the second, you should be fine. You may want to do some good gentle stretching after the cooldown also, so you don’t tighten up too much. Other than that, plenty of fluids is key.

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    Thanks for the advice and the quick repsonses. I’ll keep those tips in mind!


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