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    What is your stretching routine. I stretch after every run, and I do the same thing.

    First I do calf stretches hanging off a step, alternating with heel to the butt quad stretches.

    Next I do groin/adductor stretch, alternating with the hamstring strectch. I hold each for a 30 count and do 3 sets of each.

    Im interested in other peoples routines to see if I do enough or if it might be good to switch it up. I consider myself to be very flexible, I can do each of these stretches fully and without pain and I also do yoga without much trouble once or twice a week, but Im sure theres always something new to learn.


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    Sounds like my routine. I hold mine longer and do each twice. I also stretch both IT bands.


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    after my runs I do the calves off the step with & without bent knees, quad stretch and hamstring… then before I go to bed at night I put in about a half hour of calf, abductor, adductor, ITB, foot & ankle stuff and hip flexor too…

    I am not very flexible, never have been… I work with a massage therapist & as I’ve worked through injuries she has given me addition stretches… our joke is that as I get older I’ll do more stretching and less running…

    have to say it has helped in many subtle ways… stride is more even, fewer injuries and I sleep better… and I’ve been able to do more running since I don’t spend as much time with injuries…


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    If you’re feeling good, staying healthy, and maintaining your flexibility, you’re doing enough. Arthur Lydiard once said something along the line of forget about the auxiliary stuff. People say they don’t have enough time to run more but they spend an hour a day doing things like stretching. Take even a portion of that time used for stretching and run instead and you have more time to run.

    Personally, I changed my routine quite a bit a few months ago. I used to try to stretch everything but, with limited time, ended up not holding my stretches for very long. Now, I finish a run and stretch key muscle groups. I hit all the major muscle groups in the legs, focusing on holding stretches until at least a little after the stretch reflex releases. My hamstring flexibility has increased greatly, which of course is key for me, and everything else is maintaining or improving.

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    I hit the major muscle groups and hold each stretch for about 20 sec.

    Once a week my wife and I do pilates together. It has helped me become a LOT more flexible and has helped my stride….and it gives her a good laugh!

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