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    As difficult as it is I’m forced to take a week off from running. The bursitis in my hip has gone from mildly discomfortable to full blown pain. I cut back on mileage the last two weeks but that hasn’t seemed to help.

    So, I’ll be spending lots of time with the ice pack & popping IBP.

    My goal race is 3 weeks away & I hope to be back on the roads next week.

    The rest of you keep posting those terrific miles.

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    Anne, as a former coach of mine used to say, you can be the fittest person at the race but if you’re watching from the sidelines, it doesn’t matter. Nobody has to tell me how difficult it is to take any amount of time off but, as you know, the best thing you can do for yourself at this point is to make sure you get to the starting line healthy and ready to run.

    Take care of that hip, remember ice is your friend, and get to that race in top health.

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    ouch… besides the ice & IBP… is there any way you can get some therapy? I’ve had fairly good luck with massage… my therapist has told me it’s not enough to treat the symptoms, but you have to solve the actual problem or it will just reappear…

    with me a sore left hamstring turned out to be a tight right hip… of course I have a shopping list of issues, being older and coming into the sport late with injuries & muscle imbalances from other sports…

    good luck…


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    It’s a seasonal injury, only rears it’s head in the winter. I aggravated it on a long run in the snow. The speedwork I’ve been doing since January hasn’t helped it much either.

    When I was first diagnosed the sports MD showed me some strengthening excercises for the inner thigh (adductor?)-I’m guilty of not doing them as often as I should.

    I run much higher mileage in the other seasons but it’s all on trails, I avoid the road as much as possible. Since I can’t use the trails in the winter I think the harder surface of the road may play a contributing factor as well.

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