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    Well, its that time of the year again for me, when the training is just about over and my spring marathon looms.

    Over the last six months I've structured my training plan based mainly on Running Your Best by Ron Daws.  This book has been a great resource, he really put some structure to Lydiard's ideas, making it fairly simple to put together your own Lydiard style program.

    I have been running weeks in the 70's and 80's with every 4th week in the 60's as recovery (I've timed the recovery weeks to cooincide with my chemo.)

    Without question I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life, though a bit exhausted, and I am really looking forward to tapering down some, I can really feel that I need it.

    Tomorrow will be my last long run before my race (5/4.) and I'm thinking of beginning my official taper Monday.  This is the one area where Daws is not clear, he doesn't really discuss the marathon taper.  I found the article in Running Times by McMillan suggesting something like reducing by 20% 3 weeks out, 40% 2 weeks out, and 60% for race week. 

    So for me this would mean someting like; 56, 42, 28(pre-race.)  I guess I'm second guessing such a taper because I've gotten so used to running @ 70mpw, I feel like I might lose something by running only 42 miles the week before, or I have I just warped my brain by raising my mileage ???

    I know that after tomorrow the hay is in the barn, and I need to drop the mileage in order to recover (without lowering intensity.)  But is this plan too much?


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    Pfitzinger might have some thoughts that could prove useful: https://web.archive.org/web/20160208052409/http://www.pfitzinger.com/labreport.shtml

    Ryan may not be available at present, but here is a discussion on this topic he was involved in a few years ago:

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    GTF, as always, you are the master of finding old threads (and other resources) on the web.  I don't know why I always forget about Pfitz's site?  I've bookmarked it 😉


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    Reading Pfitz's stuff, I guess what has always worked for me is in his ballpark. 

    I've settled on a three week taper, going 75%, 50%, 25%.  Key workouts being 10-12 at MP ten days out and 6 at MP five days out and three 4-5 minute repeats with almost equal rest a little quicker than MP three days before.  Early in weeks 3 to go and 2 to go I'll try to get in some 2 mile repeats just a little faster than MP with 3-4 minute recovery. 

    The rest of the stuff is easy, easy, easy.

    Run, you've probably mentioned it before but what race are you running 5/4?  Just curious, your efforts are inspiring.

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    Rob, I'll be running the NJ Marathon, it's local for me.  I like the idea of being able to be on my own couch pretty soon after the finish 😉


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    So I've settled on my taper, pretty much what was outlined in Pfitz's book.

    Im now into the middle of week two and Im still feeling tired and flat.  I know this is probably normal, but I just needed to say it.  None of my friends or family can really relate, so I just wanted to vent, >:( I still don't feel great. (But I know I will, I have faith in all the hard work I've done.)

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    Personally, I think it's normal to feel flat about midway through a taper. If a taper goes well for me, I feel strong but fatigued starting the taper, flat through the middle, then so sharp I can hardly hold myself back by the end.

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    I swam all through high school and college, and the tapers during those seasons always seemed like a bigger deal than any of my tapers for marathons… anyways, those first couple days/ weeks of the taper always sucked.  You start resting up and can't figure out why you feel like such crap.  And then one magic day it happens, your body just clicks, you feel full of energy and all you can do is hold yourself back all day long so you don't waste all the extra zing you have.  Chin up, your day is coming!

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