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    I startered my taper last weekend after my last long run, which was a 17 miler at MP. I felt really good during the run, and the day after, which was a rest day. Monday I did 3, then, when I woke up on Tues. I had a pain in my left hip. I did 3 on Tues, the pain was only there after the run. Yesterday, I did a tempo session and was fine until I finished. After the run my hip was sore and there was also a pain in my left knee, which is lingering today. I am supposed to do 3 today but I think I will rest instead. What is going on here, I thought I was supposed to start feeling stronger during the taper? I am feeling after-effects of the MP run I did on Sat? Anyone experience anything similar to this? I am nervous now that I have less than 3 weeks to go. What should I do? Thanks for any and all advice,


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    It seems to be a frequent occurrence that people feel “phantom” pains during tapers. It’s possible that this is what you are experiencing. Hopefully, that’s your answer. Either way, whether it is something or it’s a phantom pain, I’d say keep a close eye on it. Better safe than sorry at this point.

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