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    First, congrats to those who battled the winds back here in Milwaukee! You guys did great in less than favorable conditions. Sorry to hear about the casualties as well. I remember the conditions from ’02 all too well.

    The weather in the Twin Cities was outstanding! Temp was 47 at the start and near 60 at the finish, sunny all day! Wind was very minor and only in my face for mile 12. The rest of the course was either sheltered or it was at my back.

    Having had several hamstring issues this summer that significantly hampered my preparation the past 6-8 weeks, I went in with the intent to run for a 3:15 (BQ) and hope for the best. It took three miles before I settled in at a cruising speed, but miles 2-20 were between 7:02-7:24. Mile 21 started the three mile hill climb (and a slight twinge in one hamstring), so the pace fell off to 7:32, 8:04 & 7:58 there. But upon cresting the hill, I got back under 7:30’s for the final three miles back downhill.

    Final result: 3:11:35!!! A new PR by 5 minutes and a BQ!!! Oh yeah, and the hamstrings held up!!! For my effort, I finished 362 out of 7320… I am quite happy with the results.

    TCM is a very well run marathon and the course really is quite beautiful. I would definitely recommend it for anyone considering a fall marathon. Just make sure you sign-up right away when registration opens in May. The field is limited and fills up in several weeks.

    The only drawback is that they don’t have beer at the finish! 😯 I missed the Milwaukee Ale House beer. Next year… I’m bringing my own to celebrate with!!! 😀


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    nice going linz!

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    BQ… way to go!! and a PR… that deserves a beer, or two… enjoy your recovery… or are you makng reservations for Boston first?


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    Glad the weather cooperated for you! Good strong effort. Congrats on the PR and BQ!


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    Nice job! Are you planning on Boston? I’m thinking about approaching Mrs. Double on the whole deal this week. It’s a good thing I have a sales background. I was just shot down on a clandestine fly in to Whistlestop this weekend, so back to the drawing board.

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    Planning??? I already submitted my info online!!! Just waiting on confirmation now. Talked to Kooch about the whole Whistlestop thing tonight… YOU are the LEGEND!!! I’m still having trouble walking normal, let alone considering running another marathon this weekend. Any marathon I do this weekend will be of the golfing variety! 😀 See you at Discovery in a few weeks I assume. BTW, I told Kooch to count me in on the CC thing coming up in Nov. Sounds like fun. I need to get some speed back in my legs over the next few weeks is all. Know where I can get a good pair of spikes?!? 😯


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    Had the Whistlestop permission slip came back signed I would have hauled butt up there and raced it this Saturday w/ Kooch. It wasn’t so, which was a bit selfish on my part. I’ve raced 4 out of the last 5 weekends, my son has a football game Saturday, and I am the anchor on our Friday night bowling team. How could I forget all that stuff?

    The Masters XC team race looks fun. Think you can dig a little of that 1:53 800 speed out?

    I sprang the Boston trip today. Possibly will take the family so I need to find an extra couple grand laying around. I’m not an architect or free lance enterpriser like most, so I’ll have to start rubbing the sticks together.

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    I wish I still had the ability to dust off that kind of speed. I’ll offer my best, but I’m afraid that 1:53 seems like light speed right about now. I think I’d redline and blow up in the first 200 trying to hit that time. Will still be fun to get a little muddy on the grass again… no matter what the time!

    On a separate note, are you behind planting the seed in Kooch’s head about Philly in November?!? 😯 Now he’s got me thinking about it. We must all be nuts!!!

    It’s not being an architect or freelancer either… it’s the fact that transporting my household only equates to one person… one of the benefits of being a bachelor I guess! 😀


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