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    I was talking with Double recently and he brought up the idea of doing more than one Team event. I had made half hearted attempts in the past to get the team together for another race but never really followed through, partly due to lack of interest. So here it is. I’d like to throw out a few ideas and see if there would be some interest.

    Double was suggesting we do a race as a tune up for Al’s Run but I’m throwing in one spring race, just to see if there would be interest.

    On that note, here are a few possible races and a note on them:

    Saturday, April 14: Gary’s Gallop 5K – Wauwatosa. Has a team component. I ran it last year and didn’t really notice any team competition. Not sure if the team aspect is just a recruiting event, not a competition.

    Saturday, August 11: Hank Aaron State Trail 5K – Miller Park. Has a team competition. PRO usually shows up and wins it but we’d be in the running, if not favorites, for second.

    Saturday, August 11: Kettle Klomp 5K – Jackson. Used to have a team component but I don’t see that anymore. We could still get together and run as individuals, though. A cross country run if you’d be interested in something different. Not a fast course but it might be fun.

    Saturday, August 25: Hootie Hustle 5K – Slinger. Approximate date, based on past years. No team component but it’s my hometown race and is a sponsor. If you’d be interested, I’d love to see some representation there.

    If you have any idea for other races, especially if they have a team component, please let me know and I can help spread the word to get a feel for interest.

    Finally, don’t forget that Al’s Run is on Saturday, September 15th. I look forward to seeing as many people as can make it there!

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    I’m hearing of some interest in the Hank Aaron State Trail 5K. This is an event I’d love to field a team for.

    They don’t have team information available yet but, in the past, they had a minimum team size of 8. Can we get 8 people who would be interested in joining us for a 5K at Miller Park on August 11th?

    As for scoring, in the past it has been cumulative time of the top 3 runners. PRO tends to run away with it. Looking at last year’s teams, the competition was tougher than when I was on teams in the past but I would think we’d be in the running for a podium finish (third place team last year averaged 19:19).

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