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    Is there a shot at getting a team together for the Fish Day 8K? 

    I can find out more info about the team event if there is any interest.

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    I found out some info about the team event –

    Teams are 5-10 runners and it is $100.00 a team.
    The five fastest time are counted.
    It is up to the team to get its own logo down – they do not provide that service.

    I think a Hillrunner team could be awesome and we could get in the 8K for just $10.00  each – if we can get 10 people.  There is always a joint Hillrunner/InStep idea as well.

    Let's do this!

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    If we all chip in we can have a cook-out at my house as well!  I am less than a mile from the start/ finish area.

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    Who is all coming out to this race?

    I'd like to meet up with some of you prior to gun time.

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    I'll be there, representing InStep and – looking at our roster – probably setting myself up to go 1 for 4 in my efforts to earn a fish trophy.

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    You never know Ryan – the right comp can bring out the best in ya – just remember to be patient on that long hill once we turn north.  At the crest of the hill is where I'll start picking people off one and two at a time and then the downhill – all out lung burning push!

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    You know, I have never run here.  After a good winter, a solid 5th place at the Ice Age 50 miler in a relatively easy effort, I was starting to actually believe I could break 2:50 at Lakefront.  Nine – ten runs a week.  Training paces coming down, hell I thought I was on pace to easily go over 300 miles in June.  I was going to do the Firecracker Four and start from there.  Fish day was finally going to happen. 

    Sometime in late June running was a chore.  Must be the heat I thought.  I was tired more than I thought I should be.  Heart rate was 30-40 beats higher than it should be.  By July 1st I was suffering through a bone crushing flu, headache, muscle pain mailaise.  No worries…people look like ants to me.

    Wifes can be great because after 15 days of saving all my energy to get through work my wife informed me I was going to the Doctor.  Now some of you know I'm at the doctor all the time with other ailments.  All that does is increase the range of what might be wrong. 

    I'm glad to report it isn't really any of the stuff they though could kill is Lyme Disease.

    Maybe bad news for some, but good for me.  I like knowing what is going on, but it is going to kill my summer.  Looks like we caught it early.

    So no Fish day.  I probably will just use Lakefront as my last long training run before my Rim to Rim to Rim crossing of the Grand Canyon around October 12th. 

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    So sorry to hear about yet another issue for you – let me know if you need some assistance at Lakefront. 

    Are you doing Al's?

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    Double, that sucks. I hope it turns around quickly for you. I know a few people who have very successfully managed Lyme Disease so I know there is more hope than there was quite a while ago when I had a bit of a scare (fortunately caught early and, obviously, not a problem now).

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