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    Each time I log on to read the posts I am amazed…..I want to break 18:20 in the 5K-4:20 miles-REAL good marathon times. :)….etc. I am a 61 year old with a knee replacement that may never be quick again. But who knows as I try building. You all give me incentive to at least shoot for some decent 5K and maybe even 10K times. Soon I want to hit the higher mileage runs.
    Todays six miler, my long run, is a true hard run for me. From my house to a point 3.3 miles out it is UPHILL with the exception of  maybe 1/4 mile about 1 mile out. For me it is hard. Elevation begins at about 4980 and at the turn around is approximately 5800.
    My time was approximately 10:50 per mile and  I felt fairly proud to complete this as quickly as I did. Just a thanks to you for all the great tips.
    To relate a story about my Patti's (my best half/wife) Weight Watcher's group. Her co-worker and friend Amy was going but became discouraged because when she would weigh in there were a few ladies (women, NOT LADIES) that would make remarks about her being there because she did not need to drop any #'s, she was not overweight…..made her feel self-conscious. She may not go back.
    I keep coming back for the tips and all the incentive to improve myself.
    Thanks to you all.

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    That story from your wife's Weight Watchers group is a sad statement. As far as running goes, we're all in this for our own goals. Sure, this is a competitive-oriented community here but I'd like to believe we're all welcoming of all of those who are also welcoming of us. Even in competitive running, there is a wide range of runners, from the elites to the newbies to the veterans who have been competing for decades and are still competing at a high level to the other veterans who competed at a high level at some time but are now less performance focused. We all choose our path, try to maximize our gains given our potential and what work we are willing to put into this thing, then lace them up and see what we can do. And we all come here to support and help each other on our journey down each of our chosen paths.

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    Congrat's and great choice on choosing this forum as a place to read, learn, and help others. I'm really glad to see another senior runner on the forum like myself. On 05/05 I'll catch up to you and likewise be 61. The runners here are outstanding with their help and support. I never ran in HS or college just a little for fun and fitness  Over the past 3-4 years with everyone's help I've been lucky enough to BQ and the last 2 years run the Boston Marathon. This year with their help and encouragement I finished 35/801 in the seniors age group.
    Keep up the great work and be thankful for the hills, where I live I have to hunt for a hilly course to run. Thank God for the summers when I go out West for June, July and Aug. Nice hills in CA. Best always and always take time to enjoy the running. We're doing what many folks our age can't, won't, or are to lazy to do. Ski

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    Great run!  Training up there in Big Sky Country at altitude no less… 1,000 feet of elevation gain in 3 miles is no joke.  There is a very popular hike in the Great Smoky Mountains that has a 2500 foot elevation gain over 5.5 miles.  Just for fun, and to say I did it (or at least tried it,) I'm going to run the trail pretty soon.  One of the things I truly enjoy about this site is that there are many, varying, informed opinions, but everyone is positive and supportive.  People here get that we can disagree and be respectful at the same time!  It doesn't matter what your goals or motivations are, just have them!  It isn't like that everywhere on the web, I'm glad it is here.

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