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    Just a quick thanks to Ed for offering to join the staff and explanation to everyone else of what he will be doing.

    Ed's primary responsibility will be to be on the lookout for spam. As I am not always available, I need someone to be available to back me up so spam or other inappropriate posts can be promptly handled. I'm sure I will manage most of these posts but Ed will be available to remove posts when I am not able to get online. He will also help out with other things like proofreading articles or testing new functionality of the site as his schedule allows.

    If you are concerned about who will have access to your information, all your private information, from your e-mail address to the IP address you post a message from and everything else, is still only available to me. I will be the only person to issue bans. Ed will simply have the ability to manage posts in order to keep the forums free of spam and inappropriate content, I will still be the only person managing users. Nothing will change in regards to who has access to your personal information or how it will be used.

    Ed has been asked to follow the same policy I have followed all along of remaining as hands off as possible and letting everyone moderate each other, only stepping in when absolutely necessary. I'm sure he will comply with this request as nobody wants to create more work for themselves by unnecessarily removing posts and explaining why posts got removed.

    Ed, thank you again for stepping forward to take on this responsibility. If anyone else wants to help out, I would still like to have one or two more people available.

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    so…send all our spams to Ed.  ;D

    thanks Ed!!

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    The more the merrier – (not).  Alert me to any issues – I'll do my best to keep this a great place to learn and share.

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