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    After placing a request for more people to help with moderating the forums, as well as testing and proofreading changes to the rest of the site, GTF stepped up to offer assistance. A big thanks goes out to GTF for accepting the responsibility to keep the forums clean and help me develop the best site possible.

    If there are any questions about what GTF will have access to or the ability to do, GTF's responsibilities and expectations will be the same as I laid out for Ed when welcoming him to the staff.

    I know some of you have strong feelings about the opinions GTF shares at times on the forums. Please understand that GTF's being a moderator does nothing to change anyone's status on these forums. GTF will still be held to the same standards as everyone else and, when making posts, will not be placed on a pedestal above everyone else. Just as I still want everyone to feel free to question my statements if I say something that does not seem right, I want everyone to treat GTF and Ed, as the other moderator, the same way you would treat them if they were not moderators. Their opinions are not above the fold, they are not the official opinions of, and they are open to the same discussion and debate as the opinions of everyone else who posts here.

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