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    Has anyone here run this race before? If so, what did you think of it?

    Since it looks like the trails series is a no go I've been looking at alternative races. This would be a far cry from a trail race but a race of this size & distance intrigues me.

    I looked at the results & saw the list of runners who were there, it would be a great event to see as a spectator. I've never seen elite racers except at the start of Chicago when I walked by the elite corral, never racing. 

    I should look to see what the temps have been on past race days, that may determine if I run or spectate.

    If you have any race experiences from this one I'd like to hear them.

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    I ran Bix three years ago. Its a tough out-and-back course that draws a huge crowd. The start is at the bottom of a steep half-mile-long hill, but if you're not out front it'll take a while to get to the top. Then its pretty much rolls downhill to the turn-around. Of course you have to climb all that on the return, and that initial hill is a screamer to the finish. I slipped under a sub-5 min./mile pace for that last leg just by giving in to gravity.

    Since most of the course is a boulevard, you get to see and cheer on the leaders. The year I ran they started picking by lottery a middle-of-the-pack runner to give a head start based on their previous best Bix finishing time. The challenge was for that runner to finish ahead of the elites, then a sizable amount of money would go to that person's chosen charity. That's not easily done, because some the world's best are lured to this race and the winners are handsomely rewarded. So when you see some Average Joe or Josephine out in front, the entire field of 20,000 runners goes crazy cheering and egging  him or her on. Its very cool.

    Race weekend includes sprints and sprint relays up the big hill, which are fun to watch too.

    Do Bix at least once if you can. (But skip the Wonder Bread offered at the finish.)

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    When we lived in Iowa, they televised this race live  on one of the local affiliates (how rare is that?). I also remember that the temps and humidity can be very high, so if you go, plan and prepare accordingly.

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    Thanks for the info.  An out & back course makes it all the more appealing because then I could see the lead runners at some point.

    I checked the temps for last year, it was toasty & muggy. They've also had cooler days & wet ones too.

    I think I'll take my chances & give it a try. One more reason to keep doing hillwork this summer.

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