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    I thought this article had some interesting ideas.

    As a tech guy, I love thinking of the ideas that are out there and brainstorming what else might be out there.

    One idea I would throw out that builds on ideas from Mary Wittenberg for NYCM: you currently have live athlete tracking through timing chips. You want to add the ability for people to follow their runners by flipping through on course cameras. Combine these two technologies. Imagine this experience for someone who wants to follow their loved one through NYCM in the near future. Your loved one crosses a chip mat. You get an update on your computer/tablet/smartphone with the runner's split. At the same time, that computer/tablet/smartphone automatically changes the video feed (or prompts you to change) to a view from a camera that is placed maybe 1/4 mile down the course and you can watch your loved one pass through the view of the camera. Next chip mat, same thing. You automatically get the split and a view of the camera just down the course from that chip mat. That would be some cool integration of chip tracking that already exists and streaming video feeds.

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    I believe live streaming down the course would be technically a little easier but another idea would be to show one's split and pop up a stream of video from the chip mat, including something like 10 seconds before and after the time the chip registered at the mat.

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    Andrew A.

    Part of me hopes that my loved ones would have better things to do with a few hours of a weekend morning than sit around tracking a race I might be running, even with the prospect of one-minute video clips spaced every six minutes or so.  😉

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    I would have felt the same way several years ago but let's be honest. First, people can now track their loved ones through email alerts now while going on with their own lives. Second, it's a simple fact that a lot of people follow their loved ones whether they are sitting in front of a computer screen or just checking their smartphone to do so and, given what they are looking to do, I think tying video streaming to timing chip notifications would be an interesting integration.

    Would I use it? I don't know. Several years ago, I would have said I couldn't imagine watching my email all morning for email alerts as runners I know pass chip mats. Now, with a smartphone, I do essentially that and get near-live updates on my phone while going about my day. If I could check out videos of them in the same convenient way, would I check the videos to see how well they looked at different stages? I don't see myself doing that now but maybe 5-10 years from now I'll be doing just that.

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