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    As is always the case, this holiday season is bringing with it the inevitable spam season. Yes, that’s right. The time of the year when your inbox fills with e-mails about “genuine Rolex watches” and “special offers” on everything from toys for the kids to vacation homes. Not that we don’t get those e-mails all the time but, as any spam victim knows, it gets so much worse this time of the year. Along with the e-mail spam comes forum spam. From “website announcements” to supposedly kind people who want to tell complete strangers about the place where you can get $100 shoes for $9.99 and about those hard to find running themed license plate frames and dog sweaters.

    All the regulars here should know my stance on spam by now. Quite simply, I do not stand for it. The moment I see spam, it is removed, no questions asked. This is of course done for two primary reasons.

    First, my first and foremost concern is always about the visitors to this website. While I have no misconceptions of grandiose when it comes to this site, I have always valued the regular visitors to this site. Without them, I would have no basis for misconceptions of grandiose because this site would be the Internet equivalent of a ghost town. Spam detracts from a site and makes it a visitor-unfriendly site. This is something I will not stand for.

    Second, this is a commercial site, which means I would at least like to attempt to make (or at least not lose) money on it. In order to do this, I have a responsibility to advertisers. If you wish to promote your site or product on, you should ask for advertising information. It is impolite to say the least to both myself and to the advertisers on this site who pay for their advertising for someone to spam this site looking for free advertising. This is also something I will not stand for.

    This said, I have a message to those who are coming to this site thinking they are going to get some free advertising. Don’t waste your time here. Your spam will not be around for long and very few people will read it.

    I also have a message to the regular visitors. I hope you don’t find the spam that appears for short amounts of time offensive. You have my word that it will be removed as soon as I see it. If you think I have missed something, please let me know right away. You can find my contact information at the bottom of this post or check the left side of any page on for the contact link. If you do see a post that looks like spam, just leave it alone. If you click on it, the writer can look at the views and think their “message” is reaching readers. If you do happen to read it before recognizing it as spam, do not reply. This just bounces it back up to the top of the topic list, which gives it more visibility.

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