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    Well if you’ve been following along lately, you’ll know that Sunday was my favorite spring race. The Human Race is a fast 8k in St. Paul down Summit Avenue. The course is about 2.25 mile out, before doing a 1 square block loop around a school, then heading back. Yesterday was pretty chilly, only 25-30, but it was sunny. The winds weren’t too bad, at least compared to the previous 2 blustery days, maybe 5-10 mph. We had a cross/tail wind the first part, then more of a head/crosswind on the return trip.

    Heading into the race I thought sub-31 was a reasonable goal, based on the 2 races I’ve done this year. There aren’t a whole lot of details with this race. I settled in pretty early, reaching the first mile, which is ever so gradual, in 6:07. The second mile is just the opposite of the first and I hit that in 6:02. We loop around the school and head for home. I seem to be the strongest runner nearby and end up breaking the wind. I was feeling strong but only managed a 6:15 third mile. I know the last mile is downhill, so I just keep telling myself to make it one more mile. I struggle a little as my mind begins to drift, hitting 4 miles in 6:20. The last mile I’m in no man’s land as no one is within 10 seconds of me. So I just maintain my effort, running 5:59:68 😉 for the last .97 and I cross the line in 30:44.

    It’s very hard to compare last weekend’s race and this race, based on time. Luckily, I found 7 other people that ran both races, so I looked their results. Not surprising, everyone ran faster this weekend, an average of 1:10 faster, while I was 2:10 faster. So based on those results, I’m pretty happy.

    2 Men’s Oly Marathon Trials finishers went 1-2, Lehmkuhle and Meissen ran 23:38 and 24:07, respectively. Ryan, if you’re interested Dan ran 1:45 faster than last weekend to finish in 30:27. Also of note, we started a UW-Eau Claire alumni team (the KBD track club) this year and we finished 3rd in the team rankings, putting 5 guys under 26:01. Heck, our 26:01 guy used to beat Meissen.

    Up next, St. Louis half marathon, April 4th.

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    Zeke, sounds like you’re running well. I’m going to have to tell Coach Conway to keep alert because you’re coming up on him. 😉

    So who’s the 26:01 guy? Finch?

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    Nice work Zeker! nice early improvement. Rip up that 1/2 . 😉

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    Ryan wrote:
    So who’s the 26:01 guy? Finch?

    Yep. Not sure if you know the other guys, most are younger.

    Maleniak 25:14

    Topper 25:31

    Aschbrenner 25:37

    Albrecht 25:57

    Finch 26:01

    Uhan 26:33

    Tim Rand, UMD 26:44

    Woody, didn’t you meet Jenelle Deatherage’s parent at Chicago, or was that someone else? She ran 26:49, 2 seconds behind fellow Team USA Minnesota teammate, Kristen Nicolini. Getting ready for the Women’s Oly Marathon Trials, Sara Wells ran 26:57.

    Complete results can be found at

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    I definitely recognize Topper and Aschbrenner. It’s good to see them running well. The other names are familiar but they don’t stick out as well as Finch, Topper, and Aschbrenner.

    The time for Wells seems to be a bit off what I would expect from her but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she didn’t race it all-out either.

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    Aschbrenner is actually in Madison right now. He just drove up to race.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wells held back a little since the trials are only 13 days away.

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