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    OK, here’s the deal with the press truck. They were originally planning on having three press trucks, in which case there was room for us on one of them. However, things happened and they will only have one press truck now. At the moment, we are on a waiting list for the press truck. There is still some hope that we will get a spot on the truck, as we were informed that a lot of people, after looking at the course map, have decided it would be better to stay off the truck and just be on course (sounds like me last year). As of now, we have plans for either way. From what I can figure, we can offer coverage of the first mile, up to 20 places on course – probably more realistically 15, and at the finish line. Of course, if we do get a spot on the press truck again, we will have the mile by mile, move by move updates.

    Today, Marshall and I will be going to a press conference and try to sit down for one-on-one (or two-on-one) discussions with some of the favorites. I will report back with interview transcripts of who we get the fortune to talk with later today.

    There have been updates to the pre-race news page this morning. Milena Glusac is resting her body and hoping to come back in time for the T&F Trials. Colleen De Reuck is sounding fit, confident, and ready to go.

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    An article just came in on Kastor. It has just been added to the pre-race news page. See the link in the above post.

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