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    Ed 1

    I hate to have had the insight/ horrible thoughts/ paranoia. But with the new revelations of the major planned attacked in the US that Al-Quede is over 90% ready for in the next 60 days or so and the intercepted communications of the joy over influencing the elections in Spain – I am worried that I was right. We all already know that much of the hatred of the US comes from Saudi Arabia – they’ll easily take over there. Then – well read my old post.

    Question – if President Bush had stated what I outlined as the reason for going after Iraq what would the response have been? There would have been push to commit him in a mental health hospital. But watch as what I outlined unfolds.

    PS: stay away from the big celebration events in the major areas – stick to small events with family.

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    Ed, although your vigilance is admirable, I think we should remember that this “planned attack” is what the administration is claiming, it’s not a fact. It also comes at a great time to take attention away from a lot of bad news. I’m partly skeptical because they don’t even have enough information to upgrade the alert status. However, since they have identified the individuals they think will be involved and published their photos, we as a country are much better prepared to prevent anything. Those 7 individuals might as well have a bull’s eye on them and with over 200 million firearms in private ownership, I would not want to be in their shoes right now.

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    Ed 1

    The terror info is not from the administration but the FBI – plus this is the same quality of info we had before 9/11/2001 and that was misshandled and not treated by all as a clear and present danger. We failed to take heed last time – and better not let it happen again. Besides putting this info out is not good for the economy as people withdraw so it is not something to hide or attempt to overcast “bad” news with. It would create more bad news on many fronts and that would outweigh benefits of overcasting the current bad news.

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    Hey, I was just finishing my end-of-the-day beer and heading off to bed. What are you trying to do, give me nightmares? Sometimes, the only thing that brings me comfort is knowing that I live in Soldotna, and whoever thought of commiting an act of terrorism in Soldotna?

    Ed, I hope you’re wrong. And if you’re right, there’s nothing I can do about it, except cast my measly vote, which doesn’t affect anything, since we live in the last time zone and everyone’s gone to bed before the Alaskans are tallied. Sometimes, if I stop to think about it, I realise I am completely helpless. Heck, I can’t even do anything about the price of gas! How much is gas where all of you live? Ours range from $2.12-$2.19.

    And I also fought my first king salmon of the year this evening, but he got off. 😡 What to do… go on a run.

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    I was just finishing my end-of-the-day beer

    I like the sound of that phrase.

    As far as the potential “terrorists,” the FBI has already gotten over 2000 calls. If those 7 show up in public they’ll be lucky if they don’t get lynched, so I doubt that they can pose much of a threat at this point. As for the other approximate 18,000 Al Quaeda “fighters” around the world, I hope this administration has a better action plan than what they’ve done in Iraq.

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    Ed 1

    Remember, the purpose of Iraq for us will be a base to fight Al-Queda out of Saudi Arabia. That is the only reason that we are having so much trouble in Iraq – the ists/insurgents/ radical muslims know they need us out of there to best carry out their plans. We need to re-evaluate our strategy there without becoming a large occupation force which is what it might take. But that will anger the muslim world – we need to have the least forces there as possible to appease the regular muslims without jeopardizing the overall mission. Anyway – way behind on homework gotta go. Let’s all pray that I am wrong.

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    Camel Lung

    We just shoot em all….

    I mean, no matter what happens in iraq, they’re gonna charge an arm and a leg for oil.

    It’s not like any mideastern country is on “our” side.

    I think Bush had it right, without Saddam as an excuse we never had a chance to get in there ….. We ought to nail this thing down, right away and quit with the “freedom” and democracy crap….

    If we don’t do it now, these guys will be reloaded bigtime in five years and then all hell will break loose…..

    More bullets less bullshit.

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    Ed 1

    Instead of billions for the war and economic aid to countries that don’t like us we should put all that in the hydrogen engine technology and then stick our tounges out at the oil industry.

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