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    I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen a thread on this, but earlier today Ryan stated on RT that he was leaving rw due to their apparent apathy in dealing with a nasty troll. Soonafter this announcement, a longtime poster there, Jeri Brown, informed the RT forum that an rw employee had banned the troll. So, the question now becomes, will Ryan return?

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    runnerdude wrote:
    So, the question now becomes, will Ryan return?

    Good question. I’m as unsure as everyone else about the answer. First, I’ll have to read the e-mail that Jeri forwarded, which may or may not happen today. Then, I’ll have to decide whether it is worth it.

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    Probably not a thread because most of the people I know on here left there some time ago, or visit infrequently. I always admired Ryan’s willingness to go the extra mile to help someone out. Even if he had to wade through shrapnel and sharp shooters from waddle land. I always figured it was a matter of time.

    Ninety percent of the same questions are visited weekly. Serious questions, unless the right people get there quickly, often end up w/ “laizze faire” advice. I mostly hung on to view Magpie’s attempts to get the train back on track, but alas, he eventually tired as well.

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    Ironic how the content of the forums (at least on the ones that do not display ADD towards running topics) on that site bizarrely mirrors the content of the print version in recent decades, eh? The same questions recycled again and again — not unlike the “Best Ever Way To Train” or “Guaranteed PR” or “End Injury Forever” cover stories that RW editors paper the wall with and heave darts at each month to determine which one to use in the next issue — by those who are apparently too lazy or too stupid to use a search engine. I figure that this being the internet, people who are bright and driven enough to desire to challenge themselves in The Sport will figure out where to find what they seek; those who remain are largely those who prefer to be patronized (i.e. told what they want to hear.) Also, I had noted the significant lack of institutional control (i.e. moderation) in those forums, as well as inattentiveness and apathy regarding legitimate concerns on the part of the site administrators, so all-in-all it ended up seeming more and more like trying to drain a lake with a thimble. I have better ways to waste my free time, anyway.

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    Sorry to say (or maybe not sorry), but the troll wasn’t eliminated from the other site. I have mixed feelings about it, b/c I can’t stand behavior such as that, and the site admin not dealing w/ it is a joke. Where I’m mixed is that I enjoy Ryan’s posts and I’m sorry to see him leave. But I’d rather read the posts and interaction here, b/c most of the interactions are w/ people who know each other personally, so any B.S. that gets posted by people is taken as good natured ribbing, b/c that’s exactly what it is.

    As for that other site, I go there mostly for social interaction and to converse w/ select people. I don’t take it too seriously. I come here to learn more about being the best runner I can be. Enough said.

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    Peter, interesting. I was told that Linde himself banned the troll. I couldn’t say, though, I haven’t been back there since Friday morning. In fact, I don’t even know what the response on the forum to my message was and I’m honestly not all that concerned. I have received some very nice e-mails, though, and I appreciated them. As I stated, I have some soul searching to do and some personal things came up this weekend that are taking a much higher priority than the relatively insignificant question of whether I return to an online forum or not.

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    Oh well, I guess we can give them some credit for trying to ban the troll. I just checked over there a couple hours ago and it seems like business as usual. What’s also sad, is that it’s almost like watching a performance of NO EXIT in that those forumites are condemned to repeat the same behaviors and ask the same questions eternally.

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