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    After months of coming to this site, I finally clicked on one of the advertisers. Out of curiosity, does anyone use the Stick? Does it work? I thought it might help to roll out my ITB? Thanks,


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    I got The Stick long before the ads ever went up on this site, actually got it through another advertiser on this site I believe before their ads ever showed up on this site.

    I have found it to be helpful and don’t think it’s all a placebo effect. It seems to help as a form of self-massage that you can give yourself every day. This helps recovery and lets you come back more quickly day to day for all of your runs and get more out of all of your runs.

    BTW: Thank you for checking out the advertisers. Those links are how the expenses of this website are paid for. Website income has been decreasing lately but, with an increase in traffic over the past two months, I hope that trend will turn around.

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    We sell a bunch of them at our store. I ditto what Ryan says — I like it as a self massage and think it helps get the knots out and loosen you up.

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    Those of you who have tried the stick, does it pull the hair on your legs? My wife pointed out to me that rollers might cause trouble on my monkey legs.

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    Run wrote:
    Those of you who have tried the stick, does it pull the hair on your legs?

    Never have had a problem with this to date and my legs are pretty hairy.

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