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      Leave it to the NCAA to come up with a new level of bad idea, right?

      It’s been decades since the UW-Madison hosted the NCAA Cross Country Championships. It’s been several years since UW-Oshkosh hosted the Division 3 version of this race. It seems like a great idea to bring these meets back to these schools with great facilities and organizations that have proven well capable of hosting big meets.

      But to bring both of these meets to both of these schools on the same day, at essentially the same time? That seems like the epitome of taking two good ideas and turning them into one bad idea.

      Wisconsin cross country fans have a hard choice to make this weekend. Do you go to Madison to watch the best scholarship cross country runners, including certainly some runners who in the near future will prove to be among the best in the world? Or do you go to Oshkosh to watch some of the best non-scholarship cross country runners, a few of whom may have the opportunity to go pro but most of whom are running on the biggest stage of their lives?

      For Wisconsin fans, do you watch both the Badgers men and women run in Madison? Or do you go to Oshkosh to watch 3 Wisconsin men’s teams (Eau Claire, La Crosse, Stout), 2 Wisconsin women’s teams (Eau Claire and La Crosse, 5 individually qualified Wisconsin men, and another 5 individually qualified Wisconsin women?

      I know where I will be, cheering on my alma mater. However, I would have been in Madison in an instant if not for the conflict.

      Why do Wisconsin running fans have to decide? Why did the NCAA decide to hold these meets both in Wisconsin on the same day? Why couldn’t one get this year and the other get next year or last year?

      Because that would make too much sense for the NCAA to do?

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