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    Very heavy rain this early AM – did not feel like running in it. Plus school tonight so it will be hard to squeeze anything in. I could do some running after my dental appointment 😀 Think that I’ll try to do 10 or so. But so far nothing. 😥

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    seems it’s supposed to get up into the 90s today… started out thinking of trying to become more of a morning runner starting this morning… after all I do track early on Tuesday and my long run on either Saturday or Sunday is early… but the cat woke me up at 3:30, she needed food, then again at 4am to go outside… so at 5 I decided to give it up … then I forgot my shoes when I packed my bag for a lunch time run…

    so it’s out to the track tonight for a theshold run… when I discussed my lack of pacing ability with my coaches (three of them, sort like team teaching)… they said “go to the track once in awhile and TIME yourself… when I mentioned this to my 16 year old son he said “DUH”… whatever..


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