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    I have a marathon scheduled for 2nd weekend in May (prepaid).

    3 weeks ago, my training was at 50m/wk with 20m long run when I hurt part of my achilles
    (Bruised slipping on ice+also aggravated on a tempo run.)

    With the help of some laser treaments and 1 week mostly off, I have resumed training pain free.
    This week I've done 45m with 16m long run with no ill effects.

    This leaves me only 6 weeks left if doing a 2 week taper…6-7 long runs, 6-7 interval sessions and 6-7 mid-week hard runs.

    Any opinions on the following:

    Should I plan to 1 week taper to get an extra training week in?

    Is it possible to achieve a decent result given the loss of training time due to injury?

    I have an option to switch my bib to the halfM…but I'd like to do the full if possible.

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    Sure, go with a 1-week taper.  As for the result, what will be will be.  There is no making up for missed training.  It is certainly beyond possible, if you can go 20 then you likely can go the distance.  However, I do not know how you define “decent.”

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    How many weeks of training did you have in prior to your injury?  And what has been your average weekly mileage over that time?

    I think the answers to those questions will have a lot more to do with your performance than getting in one extra week of training at the end.

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    As GTF notes, it all depends on how you define decent. Will you hit your pre-injury goal? Possibly but probably not. Will you be able to finish? I don't see why not.

    As for the taper, you have 8 weeks of crunch time. I'd say 7 weeks of training with a 1 week taper wouldn't be out of order. After all, it's not like you're resting from months on end of intense training. You're resting from less than 2 months of training that followed an unplanned rest period. To me, the extra week of training, while possibly helping to some extent, isn't as much of a factor as not wasting time resting when you will not be all that fatigued from an extended training period to begin with.

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    also… have you run more than one previous marathon and have some years of running fitness? and how does the prepaid marathon stack up against what you have done previously, that is: have you run this course, will you get lucky and have cool weather, how good are you at running within your ability or knowing when to back off (in case the achilles acts up)…

    and think about what others have said “define decent”..
    good luck…

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    No doubt in my mind you will finish the race.  One week isn't going to do anything but maybe slow you down a bit.

    With 6 weeks left you have a 16 and a 20 that we know about logged and are doing 45 mile weeks.  If you ask me you are right on course and will be fine.  Heck, most marathons I train for I don't go much above 45-50 at the peak.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I will attempt to get my mileage back to >50/wk asap, and get a minimum of
    3 X 20 milers in (no time for “cutback” weeks).

    As for goal time, I'll have a better idea a month from now, if I'm healthy and feel competent during MP pace runs,
    I'll stick to the original target of under 3:10.
    Pre-injury this was goal a “probable” now it's changed to “perhaps”.

    Best regards,


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    Any opinions on the following:

    Should I plan to 1 week taper to get an extra training week in? Timmins' Opinion: No, you will see a greater result from a taper week then you will ever see from a training week.  This may cause an arguement, but it has been shown that the benefits from a workout take 2-3 weeks to fully present themselves as pyschiological changes, yet the benefits of a good taper can benefit over 10% in some studies, and those results are immediate.  It is not the say all be all of my arguement, but check out this article:

    Is it possible to achieve a decent result given the loss of training time due to injury? I guarentee it.  To be perfectly honest if you had a good base already you only missed 2 workouts, your hard run and interval, due to the long run being a money in the bank base builder, it does not count.  So now you only missed 2 workouts that you were looking for training stimulus from. Thats at most 2% benefit lost(probably less than 1% to be honest) thats less than 3.5 minutes in a 3:10 marathon IF it translated to a direct 2% performance gain (which i promise you it doesn't)  Now take into consideration you rested that week, which could EASILY benefit you 2% or more, depending on if you were using easy weeks ever few weeks (most don't)

    I have an option to switch my bib to the halfM…but I'd like to do the full if possible: If your 100% sure your foot is fine, then marathon.  If not, then Half.  Injurying yourself further will just make running a bitter fight.  On the other hand, If it could be measured, i would easily bet you $100 whatever you would of run by trianing through that week would be identicle or +/- 1 Minute if you rested through that week time wise in your marathon.  There is only 1 factor that could affect you, that is the injury.  If it rears its ugly head all bets are off, but do not blame that on your 1 week of missed workouts, blame that on an injury, grit your teeth,and kill the next marathon.

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