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    I don't know if this is appropriate here, but if it is, maybe it's worth a shot. I thought I would ask any religious/spiritual people here (believers) to pray for me, as I am extremely, extremely depressed  :'(. I can go into details, but perhaps it's better I don't. I'm not asking for advice. If I do that, I may end up more depressed or conflicted. I can say, maybe when I thought I couldn't go much deeper into the “dark hole,” I can, and it's really bitter for me.  Despondent. Really. Please pray if you do. Thank you.

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    Please see a doctor.

    Too many people do not understand that the brain is in control of emotions.  If there are chemical inbalances it causes problems.

    It is no different than having diabetes – with diabetes your pancreas does not make insulin (or not enough).  With depression it is a problem with a natural body chemical seratonin.

    Most of the time the body does not make enough seratonin for your brain resulting in depression.  Medications work in basically two ways –

    1.  Help your body make more seratonin – or –
    2.  Prevent the body from removing too much of the seratonin that your body does make.

    While yes you do need prayers

    You need to treat this medical condition

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    I appreciate your response. I have seen several doctors since I was 14 (I'm 20 now), and psychologists. Knowing particulars of my situation, I think some of the underlying matters of my life may be causing some of my depression and anti-depression medicine may not be of much help in certain areas, as some of the doctors I've seen have, I think, indicated. There is another kind of medication, which I might prefer not to mention for fear of being criticized or discouraged from seeking, that I think could be of some help, and I've pleaded with my doctor about it. I can see what happens.

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    It does not make a lot of sense to, when one is “despondent,” seek help among people whom you do not know and vice versa.  Call your family, instead.

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    It does not make a lot of sense to, when one is “despondent,” seek help among people whom you do not know and vice versa.  Call your family, instead.

    unless your family is part of the problem… continue to talk to SOMEONE, preferably a doctor (including maybe a psychiatrist) with whom you can discuss alternative meds, therapy & exercise… the more complex your problem the more your need to tell THE WHOLE STORY to someone who can really help…and like anything else, finding the “right” person takes time but is worth the investment… this time of the year with holiday pressure, decreasing light, lack of outdoor warmth and the crazy economy added on top could be devastating to many people even if they had no other issues…

    if you are conflicted, keep looking for answers…none of us here could do much with partial knowledge of your situation, probably not enough medical training.. except lend an “ear” (and a prayer)… I think there is more help out there for you, but YOU need to go find it…

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