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    well…#12 is in the books…with cameron making a rookie mistake and running too hard in the first 10K and paying for it on the way back. conditions were pretty good for late march in wisconsin…40’s/cloudy/damp. the first few miles run in town (waukesha) then out on a rails2trails paved path for another 7 miles. you then take a detour off the paved trail and trek north up to lapham peak state park running on singletrak jumping fallen logs while dodging rocks. at roughly 13+, you climb to the top of a firetower and back down to the bottom then head back down the same trail back to the rail2trail path then back into waukesha.

    my dad came in from MI to crew for me, which was cool. i changed my shirt/shoes and added a vest for the run back to waukesha…which made it much more comfortable. he ended up being an impromptu volunteer when there was no one at the tower to serve up water/gatorade.

    i shuffled into the finish line at 3:58:54. i said some hello’s and hit the shower…which may not have been a great idea. going from outside in the 40’s to a hot/steamy shower didn’t do much for my equilibrium. 🙄 i ended up sitting down on a folding chair to get my bearings…unreal.

    on sunday i got out mid-morning and ran 13+ on the new berlin recreation trail…negative splitting it in slightly under 2 hours. i ran for the first time with a hydration backpack that i just picked up…


    …and liked that it didn’t bounce as much as my camelback waist pack. i’m considering running w/it from the get-go at the IAT50. i got a jar of succeed capsules but forgot to pack them for my sat or sun runs…DOH!

    regardless, i covered nearly 40 miles this weekend and had some fun along the way. 😆

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    Sounds like a tough race. I never tried running trails so its hard for me to picture how much tougher it is.

    The terrain of a trail race must make it difficult to compare results from one race to another. How many runners in an average trail race? I guess it must be a much smaller field then a road race.

    I also guess your not going to find too many on course aid-stations. Is that why you need to wear the camel-back?

    I almost bought one of those last week. Running loops so I can stop home for water is boring.

    I never carried water while running and I wasn’t sure I would like it. I decided to buy something cheap. This way if it didn’t work out it I could throw it out and if I liked it I could upgrade later.

    I bought a bottle carrier that goes around the waist. I used in on Saturdays long run and it worked pretty good. I didn’t start drinking until about mile 12 and it lasted till the end. It might not be enough water during mid-summer so I may still wind up buying something with more capacity.

    I saw the camel-backs at Sports Authority. They had the small waist attached one. Based on what you said I’m glad I didn’t buy it. On the other hand the one in the picture looks to large and heavy. How bad was the smaller waist attached one?


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    Nice job Cameron, but why are you still making rookie mistakes? Didn’t your HRM tell you to slow down? Are you ready for your ultra? I hope you don’t go out too fast during that race.

    I bought a bottle carrier that goes around the waist. I used in on Saturdays long run and it worked pretty good. I didn’t start drinking until about mile 12 and it lasted till the end. It might not be enough water during mid-summer so I may still wind up buying something with more capacity.

    I have one of those too. I was surprised that the bouncing wasn’t too bad. Isn’t there any place to fill up along the way, like a park, cemetary, etc.? Heck, go up to someone’s outdoor faucet and fill your bottle.

    I read somewhere that the most important water stop was the first, followed by the 2nd, then the 3rd etc. Meaning you need to start drinking right away rather than waiting till you’re thirsty. So you may want to reconsider waiting 12 miles before you start to drink, especially once it gets hot.

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    RandyS wrote:
    Is that why you need to wear the camel-back?

    How bad was the smaller waist attached one?

    for the 26.2 i actually ran with a “normal” sized water bottle and a waist carrier. they could have had one more water stop (out on county road TT). the course itself isn’t too tough, under the conditions we ran in. the ‘thon is rated by marathon&beyond as one of the 25 toughest marathons in north america…likely due to the weather that SE Wisconsin can see in late march.

    i used the backpack style pack on sunday. i also have a waist carrier from camelback that holds 1.4 liters…which when full bounces a bit too much for me. (plus the damn hose smacked me “squar in the nutz”)

    Zeke wrote:
    Didn’t your HRM tell you to slow down?

    yep…it did…i didn’t “listen” until 6M or so. 😆 (i was not happy with myself when i was fading over the last 10M or so) i will have to keep the HR in the low 150’s at the start of the IAT50. (i was in the low 170’s early on saturday)

    there may be a few spots i could “borrow” some water on the rec trail i ran on sunday…but i really wanted to see if the backpack style would bounce less. i’m thinking of starting the IAT50 with a normal sized bottle and drain it twice over the first 10M. i think i’ll pick up the backpack at the first drop point and run with it the rest of the way. (i’m wondering if i’ll have “ultra-newbie” written across my forehead… 🙄 )

    time will tell. pski advised that i run a total of 7 hrs the next two weekends…then 8 hrs the weekend after easter. i’ll be working on keeping better hydrated during those long runs and will hopefully give me more to go on for the actual event.

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    Does that back pack deal double as a parachute? I didn’t see a rip cord or anything.

    I can’t picture myself running in one of those.



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    Great Job Jerry, I wouldn’t worry about fading and feeling trashed toward the end. the main thing is you kept moving. At times in the Ultra 50 miler you will experience valleys you might even think there’s no returning from. You keep moving and eating and drinking. Your body CAN come back. Jerry, a 4 hour training run!! I remember when you raced a 4 hour marathon at Grandmas. Your coming along way. I was amazed at how easy the paved part of the course went. After this training on trails at 9 plus minute miles, then all of a sudden 7:30’s on the way in seemed like a stroll. Unreal.

    On drinking, Jerry I would train with the pack and race without it. Don’t go in thinking how long but run by your monitor at an aerobic rate and the first 9 can’t be too easy. But on the flip side the pack will consume too much energy. Ultrafit sells those bottle straps so you can let them hang on your hands. Top them off at aid stations or interchange bottles with a crew at aid stations. Carry only what you plan too drink so your not toting full bottles. Then ensure you get it all in before the next station. It’s like planning for the Indy 500. Pit stops are vital, get your 300 calories an hour in somehow. I like to eat and drink while doing the uphill power walking. Stay upright and avoid hunching over, it restricts airflow, works the heart harder.

    Jerry, the next two Thu-Fri mornings I’m doing my back to backs, a 4 plus hour run followed by a 3-3:30 run the next day if your schedule opens up. These will be slow and prepping for a solid 35 miler. the TB was like a tempo run for me in Ultra terms.

    What’s been unreal to me is the way you can really build up mileage in a hurry on the trails. They are less punishing. I went from 30-35 a week right to 60-75 mile weeks and that’s running 5 days a week over the last 5 weeks. 3 weeks to go of 75-80 then the 3 week taper where no run will exceed 2 hours.

    Jerry stay in touch with questions and keep the faith. PSKI

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    this was the tower we had to climb at the halfway point…


    another runner posted her pics from the event at if anyone’s interested.

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    cameron wrote:
    this was the tower we had to climb at the halfway point…

    That’ll make for a slow mile.

    The guy talking on his phone at the finish looks like he’s talking on it at the 10 mile mark too.

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