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    Will we be able to view other logs in the future?  I don't want Ed to get too far ahead of me.

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    i just wanted to ask the same question, but when i tried it , the page didn't show up, i am glad that you asked,,it would be good, if we can see the other people's blog.

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    That is something that is planned for the near future – their will be a need for permission to make a log public.

    Do not worry about me though – my inconsistency and injuries are my downfall.

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    As Ed mentioned, it is on the to do list. Seeing as different people tend to prefer different levels of privacy, you would have to set your training log to be public. Once you do that, the weekly view (as well as the other ways to view the logs that are in the works) will be visible to anyone you send a link to.

    I see that there is some interest in this concept so I'll double check where it is on our list of priorities and adjust accordingly. Honestly, I know Ed is terribly busy right now and I've had some things come up that have kept me from working on it so not much has happened recently. On my end, that will change in the near future as I get back into the swing of things.

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