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    As I've read the forum recently I notice we've talked a lot about racing. I have a question that's been on my mind for some time but have been too slow in asking. I've only returned to running over the last 4 yrs after being away from it for more than 20yrs. My question is I've trained and raced in the same type of shoe ASIC GEL KAYANO XI. I've not had any leg or foot problems so I try to stay with the same shoe (the XI). As I've talked or listened to various people this past year they seem to imply that they use one shoe for training and another for racing.
    I run almost daily in the XI's but have recently bought a couple of pair of MIZUNO Wave Inspire that I've used for runs of 10 or less miles and used them in my 2 races this past month, 5K and 1/2marathon. So here's the question, will I benefit from using my trainers for preping for a marathon then  incorparate the racing shoe and use it during race also? If so does anyone have a suggestion on the brand and type of shoe to be purchased? Thanks for the help. Ski 

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    The only person who can determine what works for you shoe-wise is you. The training vs. racing shoe debate is again a personal decision. I ran both of my marathons in lightweight trainers (Adidas Galaxy and Brooks Burn), but I also have never had the same model of shoe twice in a row, ever, b/c A) I'm cheap, B) I'm a lightweight, neutral runner who can get away with wearing most any type of shoe, and C) I'm cheap, having never paid more than $40 for a pair of shoes until this summer, when I splurged and bought a pair of ASICS Gel Magic Racers for $50. I have worn them two times for a tempo workout and my half marathon race, and intend on wearing them for my marathon on 10/7.

    I think conventional wisdom suggests that you don't race a marathon in shoes you've never worn before. If the Wave Inspires worked well for your 1/2 race, I'd consider them for the marathon, especially if they're lighter than the Kayanos.

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    To highlight two key points from Peter that I was going to respond with:

    1) In a goal race, don't do anything new. That includes wearing a new pair of shoes.

    2) When it comes to shoes, while there may be general guidelines (such as racing in shoes lighter than your trainers will help you go faster) we are all studies of one. I personally go for as light as possible for races of basically any distance but a lot of people can't wear shoes I wouldn't hesitate to pull out, for example, for a half marathon because the shoes would be too minimal for them.

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    Quite simply, one should not race in a shoe that one has not trained in, though not exclusively.

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    I think that I should clarify my statement about the new shoes. The statement should have been, should I get lighter shoes, use them along with my XI's to train in and then race in them. I would not buy any new shoes and use them right out of the box to race in. Sorry that I didn't make myself clear. Ski

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    I'd say get the new shoes, mix them into your training during pace and speed workouts, see how they feel, then make the decision. A good pace workout should tell you whether or not you would be able to get through a race in the shoes.

    If nothing else, you end up with a good pair of shoes for speed workouts and shorter races.

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    Thanks for the input.  Ski

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    … brainer here…..get a pair of lt weight trainers and do a few sessions in them…..and yes race in them…..they may not last for a long time, but they will last for the length of time u need them for (a race)

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