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    After my best January that I can remember (28 out of 31 days), I finally ran my 1st workout in February today. Why? B/C I was dead to the world with ‘the crud’ as I would call it. Trouble breathing, constant hacking and coughing, massive aches and pains. After hearing my Dr. say that it’s been taking people 10-14 days to kick it, he did give me some antibiotics after 7 days. This morning I ran 4 slow miles, and actually did survive.

    I’m a bit disappointed, but I would feel worse if I was training for a specific GOAL race. Crazylegs is still 11 weeks away, and is more of a “let’s see what we can do” run rather than the holy grail. I usually bounce back fairly ok when this type of illness occurs, so I’m not worried too much. Just that usually I don’t feel this crappy for this long…

    Just some basic ramblings.

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    been there… it’s not easy to run when you can’t breathe…

    my kid came home early from school on Wednesday with a fever, Thursday it was 103 (he stayed home), this morning it was normal… go figure… I did call the doctor yesterday and the answer was… lots of viral stuff going around, just be glad it wasn’t the stomach bug… they said not to worry till it lasted a WEEK… said there was lots of 2-3 day stuff that just left the kids wiped out…

    I just hope I don’t get it…


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