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    Looks like Tuesday night should be quite the showdown, with Matt Tupta duking it out with Scott Mueller in 8 800m repeats. 4:30 pm at Hart Park!

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    Shouldn’t race your workouts….its bad for you. 😈

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    Why the heck is a kid who is just starting his freshman year in college doing 8×800’s in late August when he has a full season ahead of him?


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    Let’em learn the hard way

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    Did you ever notice that group workouts tend to be way too fast? Many equate a good workout with running intervals as fast as possible. The purpose of intervals are to help you race faster, not make you race on the track!

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    If that workout plays out the way it is made to sound, I will have no regrets in being at the South High track by myself. If anyone would like to work together instead of “duking it out” in a track workout, I’m starting my 4-week phase of what seem to be quickly turning into my infamous 3200 meter repeats this evening. Warmup on your own unless you’re at my front door when I walk out at about 5:20. Workout will start some time around 6:00.

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    We had 17 people on the track last night! Scott Mueller was cruising through the 800’s in times around 2:20, with his final one at 2:16. As for everybody else, Tupta and C. Lanza were the only guys to go sub 2:30, while most of the rest of us were in the 2:30 – 2:40 range. All in all, a great workout.

    Tupta, Stefanovic, Sveum and Double Dave all had a good post-workout workout at Leff’s afterwards, with Tupta and Double Dave being the last ones to leave!

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    The trick is I wonder how many churning out those 2:30 to 2:40 800’s will actually marathon in 2:30 to 2:40. And if they are not marathoning why do so many 800’s. I’m just wondering as I’m personally stuck on seocnd shift during this track madness. I also wonder if such insanity could make me better than a plodding 2:50 to 3 hour marathoner. Feedback appreciated and I know first hand DD is a carbo replenshment drink master!! thanks PSKI

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