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    Only did a 5 mile run this morning but it felt great – no joint pain. Ran fairly fast. I think that I am locking in a new base pace of about 7:30 MPM which beats last years after training pace of 8:00 MPM. What are all of you up to this fine foggy day?

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    went to the track this morning…

    did the requisite workout after a longer than usual warm up since the gate was locked…1200-1200-800-400 with increasing effort an a two minute jog between… then a easy mile to cool down before rushing off to work..

    the humidity was nasty and it’s gotten hot so I’m really glad I got it in early (usually I run at lunch or after work)… might have to re-think when I do my workout since this coach has me pushing harder than I used to do..

    used to be a morning person but 15 years on the 3-11 shift sort of changed that… but it’s only May and I would have died out there… maybe that’s why I’ve been so slow, too many days/weeks/months running slow in the heat…


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    100% humidity this AM. Planned to run 7-8 miles, but felt good and knowing I was not running tomorrow compelled me to go further. Reached 5 miles in 7:45 pace, and gradually picked it up and ran 7:15 pace the last 5 miles. 2nd time in 3 weeks that I did a mid-week 10 miler. Easy enough to do when you’re up by 5 AM.

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    Beautiful day for a run! After a rest day yesterday, the legs were stiff at first but soon felt great, refreshed. Did a track workout with the gang at Hart Park. The schedule was for 3×1600, but a group of us cut that short and did 200 in-outs after the first 1600. I’m very happy about that, the workout felt great.

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    It is absolutely filthy outside. 70 degrees, 90% humidity, only getting warmer. And I sunburn very easily; that flaming ball of hate will be high enough in about 90 minutes to torch me. Since I’m in school right now I can’t afford such luxuries as this “sun block” others speak of. 😉

    Alas, I will get my four miles in. More later.

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    Got in 10 total. 3×1 mile repeats on the track…..it was pretty cool beacuse the lights were on for the first 2. What wasn’t cool is that I did a hard 14 and some AT work on Sunday and I had too much cake in my stomach

    (my son’s 1st b-day…couldn’t say no to a monkey shaped cake). So, I was a bit tired and full, but I got ’em in, and was only 1 or 2 ticks off pace, not bad, considering.

    Holy crap, I can’t belive my little dude is 1!

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    Happy birthday, little dude! I just turned 29 a week ago. Today was partly sunny, dry, calm, 55 degrees, and a perfect day for a run. I ran 4, picked up the pace for 3 miles, checked my splits and found my new LT pace–7:45’s (coming back after layoff). I would be faster right now if I hadn’t eaten so many sweets. I still hope to lose five pounds before the next race. When I don’t feel so fast, I just think about the fact that most of the population isn’t currently this fast, at least. 😉

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