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    You may have already heard of the TCM reversal of its new policy to award prize money only to Americans. I was reading some responses on the RW forum on this issue and had to disagree with those who thought this was a great decision. Here is my response on that forum:

    “Chicken-sh*t decision plain and simple – cave in to political correctness. The American-only prize money idea was not a racist policy if, some thought of it as that. It was an effort to promote American marathoners -and it should be mentioned that if (hypothetically because he just committed to Chicago for several years) Khalid K. entered and won the race he would have won the money because he is a U.S. citizen – doesn’t sound too racist to me. The race was still fully open to anyone on earth that was willing to register before it closed. “

    How far off-base am I with this line of thinking? Don’t worry I have thick skin.

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    I agree with you that the American only decision was not racist. This country has citizens of all races and any citizen, regardless of race, could win the money. I didn’t realize that this argument was even going on, seems kind of off the wall to me. However, I did not like the idea of American only prize money because it did seem separationist and it seemed to me like they were lowering the bar for Americans, in some ways saying that Americans don’t have a chance in an international field so we will just eliminate the international competition.

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