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    One was yesterday at 5:00 PM, when I was still young. The other was this morning, on my 43rd Birthday.

    Yesterday I ran two 2.5 mile loops in the neighborhood. It was really really windy, and there were intermittant squalls of horizontal rain. I saw a dark patch heading my way and figured I'd get wet. Little did I know that the air temps had dropped enough that the precipitation was sleet and the first snow of the season. It made what I was dressed in (shorts, long sleeved shirt and gloves) seem a bit inadequate. However, I actually managed to run around 6:30 pace for the run, and did not freeze any sensitive body parts.

    This morning it was dry and still a bit windy, but a very cool 28 degrees. I wore pants and a windbreaker, along with hat and gloves, as I headed out for the same two loops. I ran a much more moderate pace, and it felt really good. I tacked on an extra 10 minutes or so to finish with close to 6.5 miles.

    The moral of the story is, even after almost 30 years, it still really feels great to get out and go for a run. Though I have aches and pains that are likely normal for someone my age, I don't feel all that old. I do 99% of the runs by myself, so I must be committed (literally and figuratively). I need to make a decision soon about commiting to train for a marathon in the spring, but at least I know that marathon or not, I WILL be running for the rest of my life (as long as I am able). That was my goal when I turned 35, and 8 years later, it's still viable. Thank goodness for that.

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Peter, happy birthday. As with you, my biggest goal in running is to do it as long as my feet are planted on the ground. Whatever you end up doing in your 44th year, I hope you succeed and just as importantly enjoy the journey.

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    Happy Birthday Peter, you young thing you, and between age groups too…

    “they” say that as you age you become less flexible (in many contexts)… but you also get better at recognizing muscle twinges before they become issues IF you listen to that aging body… the good news is that as a runner you are so far ahead of the rest of the population… and may you stay there, running ahead of those sad, average non-runners…

    if you need a 'destination' marathon, the National Marathon here in DC is in March, this year it was the weekend of the cherry blossom peak…

    enjoy the day, have a big peice of cake!

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    Happy Birthday Peter, sounds like those runs were in a way a present to yourself.

    You shouldn't “feel all that old”, you're taking care of yourself and enjoying an activity that brings with it many rewards.

    Check out the marathon calendars & see what sounds of interest for the spring then set yourself some goals. They say we're supposed to have a mild winter this year, would be nice for those training runs.

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    Happy birthday! ;D
    To have started running when I was 35 ten years ago would be wonderful. Instead of 2 1/2 years ago when I was 42.


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    Happy Birthday!!!  Is there really a big difference between 42 and 43??????? 😮

    I kind of felt it already from 40 to 41  :-[

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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    Ryan: whether you know it or not, you (and this website) have been a very positive influence on me and my running. I have learned a lot from people posting here, and have met some of them too. I don't even go to RWOL anymore. Thanks for the kind words.

    Rita: Yeah I'm not that old, and I do know the difference between a niggling and major pain. I'm mostly smart enough to take time off when it hurts. My desitination marathon most likely will be in Massachusetts in mid-April  8)

    Anne: I do very few back to back runs, so it was kind of fun, even with the sleet pellets! A mild winter would be nice, but hey, we live in Wisconsin, so what does that really mean?

    Mark: Even though I've been a runner for 30 years, When I moved back to Wisconsin almost 10 years ago, I tried to re-dedicate myself to it. I think I'm doing pretty good, with the help of many folks here.

    Sue: I'm really an 'odd-year' person. Born in '63, started running in '77, ran most of my PR's in '81, married in '87, kids born in '91 and '93, ran 1st marathon in 2003, and PR'd (sub-3) in 2005. So the way I figure it, 2007 will be my year!

    Of course, people that know me say that I'm just odd, but those who Really know me know I'm a runner!  😉

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