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    So I think I’m going to run a 25K race this Sunday. This is a recovery week, so the distance actually works out pretty well. I haven’t decided how I’m going to run it, but I’m leaning towards a pace run for maybe the last 8-10 miles. What do you all think? I see my options as:

    1. Pace run after 5-7 warmup

    2. Tempo run (I have a 10 mile tempo run planned for next Tues.)

    3. Run it as a normal easy long run as in the plan

    4. Race it

    For background, I’m following the Pfitz 18/70 plan. Last week was right on schedule for 65 miles. This week’s mileage will be 58, but I’ve modified it because I am traveling Thur and Fri. (I’ll be down in your part of the country Bart.) So here is the original plan on the left and my modified schedule this week on the right:

    Mon – Rest….rest

    Tue – 8w/strides….10

    Wed – 12….12

    Thur – 8…..7

    Fri – 11….8w/strides

    Sat – 5….5

    Sun – 14…15.5 race

    Mon – rest

    Tue – 10 tempo

    What do you think? The first pace run in the plan is in three weeks. 15 miles with 13 at marathon pace. I kind of like the idea of getting a shorter pace run in first, and a low key race presents a good opportunity.

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    My feeling, which I’m sure is partly this way because my coaches through high school and college have always pushed this, is if I’m going to line up for a race, I’m going to give the race everything I have. I may not be going into the race completely rested, I might even do a bit of a workout before the start. However, once the gun goes off, I’m racing it with whatever I have at the moment.

    While I know a lot of people seem to like to enter races and use them as workouts, maybe because of what my coaches taught me, I don’t see the point. If I want to do a workout, I’ll head out my front door or go to the local track and do a workout. If I want to enter a race, I’m going to race it. Personally, I’d be racing it.

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    I’m voting for the pace run… but then I’m older and my coaches have been trying to get my level of performance up without injury (then I go and move boxes and pull my back 😳 )…

    also I’m still working on pacing and the 5-7 warm up with a strong finish is something that worked well for me last fall in prep for my marathon… but as I say I’m still working on pacing and have a real need to learn to stay calm at the beginning of my races… but even I would have a hard time running the whole thing slow…

    whatever you decide, have fun…


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    Ed 1

    I like Ryan’s approach – you race to see what you can race. I have very little experience but that seems like a logical point. Although, if you need others to motivate you to get a good reading of your current level of performance, then go for it. It will provide an accurate measurement of your approximate level of fitness.

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    Welcome to Southern Louisiana! Hope you enjoy your visit.

    I agree with Ryan and Ed. I’d give it my best effort on race day–on one condition. Can you run it hard without having it effect the training for your goal race?

    Personally, I’d run it hard and take a relatively easy/recovery week next week. You’re far enough away from your goal race (assuming by your signature block that it’s Boston), that it shouldn’t effect your race effort in April.


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    I’d say race but don’t be dissapointed if your time is not where you expect it to be. I know you and I are in the same endurance phase training wise. I did some tempo work today and with the increased volume was 20 seconds off my October LT pace. I think it’s important to run these unplanned races with tired legs and keep your eye on the end game with is 4/18.

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    Wow…I’m a bit surprised at the nearly overwhelming opinion to race it. Thanks for all the responses. My main concern is supporting training for the marathon or at least not comprimising it. I’m not as concerned about determining my level of fitness now. But it sounds like most of you believe racing is good for the marathon training.

    One reason I liked the pace idea, is that long pace runs are difficult both mentally and logistically (water stops etc.). Doing it in a race is apealling. So, I’ll drop options 2 and 3 and either race it or pace it but change the tue tempo run to an easy run. Any other opinions?

    Bart…I awlays enjoy my visits. Last night I checked off my list oysters, gumbo, crawfish and Abita. Today for lunch it was shrimp poboys. I haven’t decided about tonight. Maybe etouffe and Abita and I’ll call it carb loading for the race. 😀 Running in shorts and a t-shirt is nice too.

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    So I decided to race it…..and nothing bad happend. Actually had a good race, a bit faster than I would have expected. Thanks for all the feedback. My legs don’t feel much different than after a normal long run. We’ll see how they feel tomorrow. I’ll probably drop the tempo run Tues.

    Oh, and Thur night I decided to have roasted oysters and grilled redfish at Drago’s. Man I love the food in Southeast La.!!!!

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