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      While headphones remain banned for any athlete competing in a USA Championship, they may be allowed by race directors in other circumstances, at the discretion of each race director.

      “The difficulty in enforcement was part of the reasoning,” USATF Rules Committee chair John Blackburn said. “However, several good-sized races have demonstrated that they were able to enforce the rule. There were strong opinions on all sides of this discussion, both understanding the issues related to athlete safety, race organization, difficulty of enforcement. This resolution appeared to be the best position for USATF overall.”

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      What a steaming pant load.

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      love it

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      Simply further fallout from allowing uncompetitive people into a sporting event.  Also further fallout from dysfunction at USATF.

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      “difficult to enforce” is a load of cr..

      when the winner of the race is in a photo op in the paper the very next day crossing the line with headphones on…….I would think bib number would be right there and if it weren't, well there'd be another reason for a DQ. 

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      Have to agree, this is a steaming load. Races have successfully enforced this rule without undue burden. They caved to the self absorbed crowd that is more concerned in its own entertainment than the well being of the people around it. It's a real shame that those in charge of setting the rules of the sport are more concerned with this self absorbed crowd than with the best interests of the sport and the majority of its participants. Now, rules that should be in place for the best interest of all participants will be selectively enforced at all non-championship events and iPodders will be free to attempt to exert pressure on all non-championship directors.

      I'd encourage everyone who understands the concerns behind these bans to contact the RDs who still apply these bans and those who are on the fence to let them know that those of us who support the bans for the best interest of the participants in their events are out there and will be supportive of them.

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      Somehow Grandma's and Twin Cities manage to enforce without complaint.  All it takes is positioning a few pairs of volunteers on the course at around the same point (perhaps a mile from the finish) with clipboards and pens for recording bib numbers of people they can clearly see have headphones on and have then hand the lists over to the clerk of the course after the race.  Double-check with help from Brightroom or Marathonphoto or whomever the official race photographer may be, since they tend to catalog photos by bib numbers.  DQ anyone whose bib number shows up on at least two of the lists.  For anyone whose bib numbers show up on the lists for at least two years, bar future entry.  This is both simple and easy, it adds essentially nil to the complication of organizing and directing a race. 

      Yet somehow I suspect that “difficult to enforce” is just a smokescreen and that there were other reasons that would point to compromise and concession.

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